You’re Invited to the 2016 Week of Wellness Event!

Are you ready for a week dedicated to living well?  Well, it’s here – Week of Wellness is coming to Facebook next week and I’m so excited to be one of the featured bloggers to bring you this amazing experience! I participated in the Week of Wellness last year and found so many great new-to-me brands that I still use daily and I can’t wait to show you the sponsors that are participating this year!


As I’ve participated in Sampler events before, I hope you have too. The Week of Wellness [WoW] Event will happen on Facebook, like the other events before and I’m so excited to be one of the featured bloggers to bring you this super fun experience! If you haven’t participated in a Sampler Event before, no worries, I’ll explain the whole process right here in this blog post to get you ready!

There are 2 Main Components to the Week of Wellness Event: RSVP Gift Basket and Sampling Events.


First – you WANT to RSVP, believe me. Not only will you be entered to win that AMAZING gift basket above, you’ll also get access to the events calendar. On the calendar, you’ll see more about the amazing sponsors and all the events coming next week! For the sampling events you have to be prepared and that calendar will definitely get you ready!

RSVPing is super simple – so simple that you’ve already done it, if you clicked on that link above!

Sampling Events

Week of Wellness Brands

Here’s where our friends at Sampler come in and where the freebies get fun! You’ll want to be sure you have a friend to attend this event with as you’ll be sending samples to friends and they can send them to you! The “samples” will vary [full size products, coupons, and much more!] and you’ll find some FABULOUS brands participating – you do NOT want to miss these free samples!

It’s important to understand that YOU send a sample to a FRIEND.
You can send up to 3, in fact.
So it’s a great idea to have a buddy [or two] for next week!

Now, let’s have a look at the amazing brands you’ll see as a part of this event, shall we?

Numi Organic Tea

Numi Tea Cup

Numi Organic Tea was founded in 1999 by a brother and sister team who wanted to offer ethically sourced, ecologically responsible, premium artisan teas and herbal teasans that give back to global communities. Not only have they created such a responsible company, they’ve definitely created a delicious product!

Numi Tea

Numi Organic Turmeric Teas are a full line of organic, fair trade, and caffeine free herbal teasan blends that are perfect for every season. I’ve been enjoying mine in such fun ways this Summer including in smoothies! Check out the Numi Organic Tea website, including their great collection of recipes, then get ready for their sampling event that will happen HERE. [Check the calendar for specific date and time!]

Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil

Wild Alaskan Fish Oil

I don’t live in Alaska and I know I don’t get enough Omega 3’s in my diet because I don’t eat a lot of foods containing the important nutrients. That’s why I look for ways to supplement and Wile’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil is the perfect product for just that!

Wileys Finest Fish Oil Kids

Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, a family owned company based out of Coshocton, OH, is a line of American made, high potency omega-3 products. Although they’re not based in Alaska, they do base their fish oil and a well-maintained and sustainable fish that lives in the waters of the Eastern Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. I also love the fact that they offer a Kids’ Liquid product because I know my girls are eating [and not eating] the same things as me.

Have a look around the their website to check out all the great products they offer and be ready to have SUPER quick fingers for their Sampling Event which will happen HERE. [Check the calendar for specific date and time!]

True Made Foods

True Made Foods Sauces

When these three sauces showed up on my doorstep, I could think of only one thing…

Sophia was going to claim this as the best blog shipment ever because… KETCHUP!

True Made Foods Ketchup

This girl wants ketchup on everything and if you think I’m exaggerating, come over when we have apples and strawberries and you’ll see them being dipped into the ruby red condiment. She tries everything in ketchup and I usually shudder because, well, apples+ketchup, but also because of the sugar! Luckily with the True Made Foods Ketchup, I don’t have to for at least one reason. Their sauces are made with about 50% less sugar than competitors AND they contain additional vegetables in every bottle!

True Made Foods has lots more than just ketchup, like Barbecue Sauce and Veracha Hot Sauce. Check out all the great ingredients and get ready for their Sampling Event which will happen HERE. [Check the calendar for specific date and time!]

Obrigado USA Coconut Water


What’s more refreshing than water? For me, it’s coconut water! I love the stuff and can definitely drink it everyday. I’m very excited to be trying out a new brand that’s making it’s way to the US. Obrigado only takes 24 hours to process its premium coconut water from Brazil straight from the coconut!

If you’re like me, I know you’ll want to get a free sample of Obrigado, so you better have fast fingers when it comes to their Sampling Event, which will happen HERE. [Check the calendar for specific date and time!]

The Spice Hunter

The Spice Hunter Rubs

I was introduced to The Spice Hunter last year during Week of Wellness and I couldn’t be happier that they’re back again! The Spice Hunter has been encouraging healthy living for the past 30 years with their all natural spices. Their blends are some of my favorite spices to use when cooking dinner for my family and I can’t wait for you to try them too!

Be sure to hop over to The Spice Hunter’s Sampling Event which will be happening HERE. [Check the calendar for specific date and time!]


Reliq Pet

If you have a four legged friend that lives in your house, you’re going to want to know more about our next sponsor in the Week of Wellness. RELIQ PET is especially great if your furry friend suffers from sensitive skin. My parent’s Yorkie, Smokey, is exactly that way and they have a hard time finding products that don’t make him even more itchy.

Dog and Kid

RELIQ PET offers a variety of shampoos that feature a gentle and easy rinse formula and offer long lasting odor control. They contain natural fortifying minerals and vitamins that are environmentally safe and cost efficient for pet owners! Be sure to check out their line of products AND get ready for their Sampling Event that will happen HERE. [Check the calendar for specific date and time!]



Have you ever had one of those “Aha” moments that you know could make everyone’s life easier, including yours? That’s how I assume Vitafive was created. If you’ve ever stood in the Vitamins and Supplements aisle of a store and been overwhelmed, this product is for you. Vitafive was created by two 22 year old Texas Christian University students [along with registered dieticians] and is one of those “Aha” products that just makes sense.

With Vitafive, you get your personalized vitamins delivered to your door monthly. Not only is this convenient, but they’re my kind of vitamins… gummy vitamins! No more horse pills and no more trying to figure out what you need to take when. The Vitafive packs come prepackaged with each family member’s name printed on the outside of the package.

I want to try these so bad, so I’ll see you at the Vitafive Sampling Event that will be happening HERE. [Check the calendar for specific date and time!]



If you or a family member has gone dairy-free, you may know just how hard it is to find products to fit with the milk-free diet. While it’s my daughter that is completely dairy-free, I also try to buy dairy alternatives for myself when I can, which is why nutpods is definitely on my radar now!

Nutpods is a family owned company on a mission to provide consumers superior taste without compromise. They offer a shelf-stable, completely unsweetened, rich and creamy dairy-free creamer! Need a vegan, non-GMO creamer for your daily cup? Be sure to check out the nutpods’ Sampling Event HERE. [Check the calendar for specific date and time!]



Looking for a snack that gives back? Look no further than FLYJOY! As a company, they started out by partnering with a non-profit indigenous Ecuadorian women’s foundation importing quinoa to the United States in 2011. Each FLYJOY bar contains a mix of protein, fiber, carbs and omega-3’s for balanced nutrition and sustained energy.

Each FLYJOY bar also contains a mix of protein, fiber, carbs and omega-3’s for balanced nutrition and sustained energy. If you’re not already a fan of FLYJOY bars, you will be after you try them and you can get that chance with a free sample at their Sampling Event HERE. [Check the calendar for specific date and time!]


Now that you’ve seen the amazing brands participating, I know you’re ready to get the Week of Wellness Event started, right?!? Well, you do have to wait just a few more days as we officially kick things off on Monday, June 13th and if you’re a fan of my Facebook Page already, you’ll be right where you need to be as long as you visit at 1pm EST!

Just a reminder – this event takes place on FACEBOOK so be sure to like Lindsey Blogs at So Easy Being Green on Facebook because that’s where ALL the action will be!

And if you have ANY questions about this event at all, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments OR reach out to me on Facebook any time! Good luck!!!

Which brand are you most excited to try in this year’s Week of Wellness Event?!


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