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DIY Yogurt Parfait Bar for an Easy Family Breakfast

This post is sponsored by Greek Gods but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Breakfast is hard, y’all. Does anyone else struggle with making one of the most important meals of the day with time to spare on weekday mornings? I love make ahead breakfast ideas, and sometimes I totally succeed at them, but other mornings are rushed and I just come up empty handed.

But one thing we always have in the refrigerator is fresh fruit. My girls are fruit-obsessed and easily go through a container of strawberries and blueberries a day! So I always have some on hand, which had me thinking how I could serve fruit more in the mornings.

On my most recent shopping trip to Walmart, I found a new-to-me brand of yogurt that I couldn’t wait to try. I found Greek Gods® Greek-Style Yogurt in the lower, refrigerated bottom well of the yogurt section in my store. They had two varieties and I couldn’t choose between them so I got them both – Honey and Honey Vanilla!

To say I’m in love with this yogurt is an understatement. I admit that I jumped on the greek yogurt train a few years ago and have just gotten used to buying it, but the tanginess of greek yogurt is sometimes not exactly what you want in an early morning breakfast. These Greek Gods Greek-Style Yogurt has a super delicious flavor without the traditional tartness of greek yogurt, is naturally sweetened with honey, and has a silky, smooth texture.

I honestly didn’t understand just how this creamy, non-tart greek yogurt came to be so I perused and bit and found out that it’s because of the process that Greek Gods uses to make it. Greek Gods is made in the old-world method – where cultured milk turns into yogurt inside the cup giving it a unique texture and flavor. Plus because it’s lightly sweetened with honey, no additional sugar or sweeteners are needed.

Greek Gods® is also a good source of calcium and contains “Live and Active Cultures”, making it a great option for breakfast for the whole family.

The super smooth texture and just a slight taste of sweetness, thanks to the honey, makes it so perfect for yogurt parfaits. To take this beloved breakfast idea one step further [and make it easier on myself too!], I set all the ingredients out in the morning and let the girls make their own. Plus, they like the activity of putting it all together too.

And I totally admit that it’s my new favorite breakfast and snack too. When the girls make theirs in the morning, I put together a quick yogurt bowl, as well as a jar for an afternoon snack!

While we love our yogurt parfaits with a variety of berries – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries – some other fruit toppings ideas that you could include within your DIY Yogurt Parfait Bar are: bananas, mangos, pineapple, kiwi, and grapes! The possibilities really are endless when you make it your own!