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Sudsy Dough Giveaway

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The days are getting warmer, brighter, and longer which may lead many to start Spring Cleaning.  But we’re not ready to start cleanin’ until we’re done sweepin’!  Take the next two weeks to sweep along the fabulous giveaways that a group of bloggers have come together to offer you!  Be sure to hop around to all the giveaways, in the linky below.


Sudsy Dough is a new interactive bath toy that doubles as a moldable scented dough and a cleansing soap! We created this fun sensory soap to make bath time fun for our daughter who didn’t really enjoy time in the tub. Kids can squeeze and squish Sudsy Dough in the bath, rub it on as a cleansing body wash, or take it outside the tub and make their own custom-shaped soaps.
  • Sudsy dough shapes will dry to become scented soap shapes!
  • Doubles as a sensory bath toy and body wash.
  • Made from a gentle soap base infused with natural moisturizers Shea butter and coconut oil.
  • Available in a variety of fragrances and colors.
  • Mild foaming agent creates suds when run under water.
  • Each ball of Sudsy Dough also has a surprise squirt toy hidden inside!


My girls are obsessed with YouTube videos of surprise eggs and hiding toys in clay, so they are so excited to try out Sudsy Dough, especially after seeing this video!


If you’re ready to get your hands [and your kiddos too, of course] on Sudsy Dough, check them out on Kickstarter. They have different levels for backers to get Sudsy Dough funded and available to all families. During their Kickstarter a 4 pack of Sudsy Dough is only $20!


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  1. Hi! This is such a cool idea. I learned that it's a moldable colorful soap. Also that it's infused with shea butter and coconut oil. LOVE! Thank-you. :)
  2. I visited the website and I really liked Rose Gold Sparkle Jamberry Nail Wraps. They are all so nice! I guess I'd have to use a hair dryer to dry them. Thanks, Michele :)
  3. I learned that the Bubbly Blackberry and Sassy Strawberry, made especially for girls who love sparkle! And that Each ball of soap dough is infused with a dusting of cosmetic-grade glitter, also with a surprise toy inside! (Little boys would like to find a toy inside their soap too. I could imagine some sibling rivalry over this soap fun!)
  4. The richness of the Shea butter and other ingredients helps it dissipate very slowly in water! I was wondering how they were dealing with that problem!
  5. I like the family set. I like that you get 1 of 4 different colors. These are great. I like the idea/concept.
  6. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway! OMG! The kids are going to just love this! I really liked the Sudsy Playdate Shimmer! This product is absolutely terrific! Thanks so much! Michele :)
  7. I love that your soaps are Infused with Shea butter & coconut oil. I would be thrilled to try any of the packs, but with four kids, the family pack wold be perfect!
  8. I LEANRED Kids can squeeze and squish Sudsy Dough™ in the bath, rub it on as a cleansing body wash, or take it outside the tub and make custom-shaped soaps!
  9. I think this is a great idea and I've got it set to remind me to donate/purchase so I can be a backer. i love the set of 8; enough for one for each in our extended family (it's not just for little kids, right?!?) ;)
  10. I know my daughter would really love the family set - and I would too! Looks like so much fun, and a good way for family bonding time! Thanks!
  11. I'd love to have the scented infused with shea butter ones :) and of course any size would do, but the more the better! ;)
  12. My kids would absolutely love these! If I could afford to I'd get the set of 16. I have a reminder set to email me about this project, I will donate to it just because I think these are awesome!
  13. I learned that you can easily leave it out for days and still re-hydrate it. The fact that you can shape this product into anything you want, makes for unique and fun gift-giving. Who can forget that they also remembered Mom in this too!
  14. So glad to see this on your blog! I already pledged to their project and can't wait to try this product. I really want to try the aromatherapy pack!

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