Why Should I Go Green?

I get this question… a lot.  And frankly, the answer is totally different for everybody.  Actually, the answer is different depending on who you ask too.  So, here’s why I did.

I decided to go green, well, a long time ago.  Before I even realized what I was doing, I reached for more eco-friendly options when I was shopping – probably as far back as college.  But my real attempt at going green happened on a bit of a joke from my husband.  We decided that I would be a SAHM when Sophia was born and while we were shopping for our Baby Registry, we saw pack of “old school” cloth diapers.  He jokingly said, “You’ll have plenty of time on your hands.  You should use those.”

cloth diapers

Hahaha, dear hubby – joke’s on you!  It set my mind in motion and I started researching modern cloth diapers.  When I mastered cloth diapers {well, you know, used them successfully}, it opened my eyes to other ways that I could go green.

I didn’t my change my entire lifestyle or my family’s lifestyle – honestly, I don’t have the time, energy, or money to do that.  I simply took small steps to make a lighter impact on our Earth and a healthier impact on my family.  When I ran out of paper towels, I encouraged use of cloth.  I hung our clothes to dry more often than putting them in the dryer.  When I ran out of the cleaners that we used to use, I replaced them with green-er alternatives.

Making simple choices, simple steps to live green-er is what has worked for my family.  I think it makes the concept of going green a lot easier on most people. It’s easily accessible by almost everyone, as the products are carried in major stores, it’s affordable and it works.

In fact, I have a video to share with you about just why I choose Seventh Generation as a safe cleaner in my house.  It’s eye opening and jaw flower dropping, if I do say so myself!

How will you Go Green?


  1. Great post! I have been bitten by the green bug for a while and am trying to find little ways that I can go green as well. I know it may not be much, but I think each change that I make can make a positive impact! I love Seventh Generation products.

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