Why Kids Should Play Sports + Game Day Snacks Printable

Confidence, Family Time, and more… Here are 5 reasons why kids should play sports and a free Game Day Snacks printable.

This post has been sponsored by Goldfish. All opinions are my own.

I always knew I wanted my children to play sports. I played softball and basketball when I was younger and I feel like I learned so much about life and myself in those early years even though I might not have known it then. That’s definitely one reason why it was important to me to have my girls play sports. No matter the sport you choose, I think these 5 reasons are universal and great reasons as to why kids should play sports.


With technology comes a price – less exercise. My girls definitely spend less time outside than I feel like I did when I was their age and screen time plays a big part of that. When your children play sports, though, it’s a perfect reason for them to get outside and exercise. Whether they’re practicing in the back yard or on the soccer field, or in the middle of a game, playing sports definitely helps get in that daily exercise. I have to admit, my girls are like me and don’t really love to run. But when they’re playing soccer, they’re running a lot… but don’t realize it!


Team Building

Playing sports really does build character and this definitely shows in team building exercises. Life is all about relying on others, especially when you’re an adult and in the workforce. Although they have years to figure this out, being on a team as a child can definitely help with learning to work with others.

Family Time

Perhaps this is my favorite part of my girls playing soccer… we enjoy it together as a family. We kick the ball around in the back yard. We have even went and watched our local University’s women’s team play as a family outing. My husband has actually started coaching Moreaya’s team, which makes it even more of a family affair!

Make New Friends

It’s been amazing to see my girls make friends through sports. They’re both a little shy and I’ve watched them flourish with their team members, give high fives after scoring a goal, and wave to their friends when they see them around town.

Building Confidence

One of the most important reasons why kids should play sports is confidence building. It’s been amazing to see my girls confidence raised over the past 3 years of their time playing soccer. And it’s not just all about the goals either. We make sure to see all the accomplishments that our girls do throughout the game like passing the ball to their friends, helping a teammate up after a fall, we celebrate it all.

We also love to celebrate their teammates too and one fun way to do that is by adding a little note to their game day snacks. It’s a simple gesture that takes just a tiny bit of time, but can make a big impact and big smiles from all the little soccer stars!

Game day snacks couldn’t get any easier than picking up a Variety Pack of Goldfish. The convenient box of 20 bags are full of snacks that you can feel good about serving kids as they’re baked with real cheese and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Print your own page of these fun Game Day Snacks printables to attach to your game day snacks by clicking the image below.

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