Why I Choose to Be a Tom’s of Maine Goodness Circle Member

As a participant of the Tom’s of Maine Goodness Circle, I’ve received compensation for my time and product samples for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I’m so excited to announce that I’m a Tom’s of Maine Goodness Circle Member! It may seem like déjà vu for me to say that, and it is, because this is my 3rd year in the program.

Goodness Circle Member

I hope this says a lot about the company and it’s one reason that I love working with brands on a long-term basis. I count myself lucky to have worked with so many wonderful sponsors through the years, but when I choose to work with the same ones again and again – it means I really, really like them. That’s exactly how I feel about Tom’s of Maine.

Toms of Maine Collage

I remember the first time I saw Tom’s of Maine toothpaste on our Target shelves. It was a big deal to me, so big in fact that I pulled out my phone to take a picture! The reason is – Tom’s of Maine really is the perfect example of what my blog has always been… small steps to a green-er life. The fact that such an eco-friendly company and product is available at my local Target, Walmart, and even some grocery stores means so much, especially to those of us who live in rural areas without a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s!

Toms of Maine Kid Products

And just in case you’re wondering what exactly the Tom’s of Maine Goodness Circle is, I’ll tell you! We’re a diverse group of made up of active community members, mothers, and professionals who share a passion for blogging about healthy living.  I am so excited to have the honor and privilege to be working alongside 19 of the most influential healthy living bloggers and even more excited to partner with Tom’s of Maine on this ongoing project!

One of the best perks, other than the amazing opportunity that I had last year of visiting the Tom’s of Maine Headquarters in Kennebunkport, Maine, is the fact that I get the opportunity to try new products. In this year’s shipment I had so many classic favorites, and a few that were new to me and new to the girls! Don’t get me wrong – I love my own personal care products, but I am obsessed with the Tom’s of Maine Baby line, which I still use on my 4 and 5 year old daily.

Toms of Maine baby

I was really excited to find 2 brand new products in this shipment – the Diaper Cream and Sunscreen Lotion. I actually had a friend text me, just days before this shipment came, asking if I had tried the Baby Sunscreen Lotion yet. It has exactly what I want to see in a sunscreen – Zinc Oxide and exactly what I don’t want to see – no phthalates, no parabens, and no phenoxyethonal. I was also super excited to see one of their brand new Kids Toothbrushes in the package, especially since I co-hosted a Twitter Party with Tom’s of Maine when it was launched.

When someone asks me what my absolute favorite Tom’s of Maine products are – I always respond with their lip care line. It was new last year and I still can’t get enough of the Lip Shimmer. I also highly recommend the Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste. I suffer from super sensitive teeth and it’s been the best toothpaste that I’ve used from Tom’s so far.

 Tom's of Maine Blog Badge_050214

What’s YOUR favorite Tom’s of Maine product?


  1. I love Tom's long lasting deodorant in soothing calendula. It's smells great and does the job without a bunch of chemicals. I'm new to all-natural products and am just discovering all the great products that Tom's carries. :)

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