Where to Buy LuLaRoe Online

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If you’re ready to dress in the comfiest leggings, most stylish dresses, and flattering tunics, you’re ready to wear LLR! Here’s the skinny on where to buy LuLaRoe online.

Where to Buy LuLaRoe Online
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Half the fun [or frustration – it depends on your outlook I suppose] of LuLaRoe is buying it. These one-of-a-kind type leggings and tops aren’t just on a clothing rack at your local department store. LuLaRoe is sold in a direct selling method in which you must find a consultant to buy from in most cases. However, there are ways to buy LuLaRoe online in addition to through consultants.

Buy LuLaRoe Online on Facebook

If you want to buy LuLaRoe online, you definitely need to check out Facebook Groups. It’s the platform that consultants are encouraged to use and where you’ll find the biggest selection, in most cases. There are 3 main ways to buy LuLaRoe on Facebook.

  1. Consultant Groups
    The best way to find consultant groups is to ask your LuLa-lovin’ friends where they purchase. You can also search groups in the Facebook search bar. Consultants usually have a VIP group where they offer regular sales.
  2. Buy/Sell/Trade Groups
    You can find these groups by the same means you can find consultant groups. Most of the time you’ll find used clothing for sale, but a lot of times people sell brand new clothing. Like so many who fall in love with LuLaRoe [ahem, yes, me too], buying can be addicting and “some people” might find they have too much so they sell in these type of groups.
  3. Multi Consultant Sales
    These type of sales are a little harder to find, but you get a really nice payoff when you do find them! The competition for buying LuLaRoe is usually smaller because there is much more inventory available. A lot of times you’ll also find that groups like this offer free shipping, which is one thing I LOVE when buying LuLaRoe online. Anyone else hate paying for shipping? I blame it on the Amazon Prime effect.

Resale Apps and Websites

In addition to buying both used and new LuLaRoe on Facebook, you’ll find a lot of options on different resale apps and websites. A lot of times you’ll find really, really good deals on these sites.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Poshmark – This is a great app to buy and sell with as they offer great protection for both buyers and sellers. The only drawback [but also could be a pro] is that shipping is a set rate of $5.95 per transaction. A lot of sellers will offer discounts for buying more than 1 item. Be sure to use the code GNAOI when you sign up to get $5 off your first purchase!
  • Tradesy – Use this link to get $20 off your first purchase!
  • ThredUp
  • Mercari – While this app doesn’t offer quite the protection that Poshmark does, it’s still a great app and one where you’ll find lower priced items because the price of selling is lower. Sellers can vary their shipping charges. Be sure to use the code QXFMVX to get a $2 credit in your account!


Do a quick LuLaRoe search on eBay and you might be surprised! I did and got over 97,000 results! Granted, they probably aren’t all LuLaRoe, but there’s a lot of to find. Consultants aren’t allowed to sell on eBay, but you’ll find that many do. However, eBay isn’t always the best choice because as you can see, the highly sought after prints [often referred to as unicorns] do go for higher prices than normal $25 retail. But it’s definitely still an option for buying LuLaRoe clothing onine.


Lastly, you can’t talk about purchasing anything online without mentioning the giant retailer Amazon. While you won’t always find LuLaRoe listings, because it’s against LLR policy for consultants to sell online, you will find similar styles of printed leggings and other clothing to wear with your LuLaRoe.

Casual Elegant A Line Flowy Tunic Tank TopCasual Elegant A Line Flowy Tunic Tank TopSolid Long Flowy Tank T-Shirt Tunic JadeSolid Long Flowy Tank T-Shirt Tunic JadeLaksmi Rose Print Scoop Neck Loose Fit Flow TopLaksmi Rose Print Scoop Neck Loose Fit Flow TopShort Sleeve Comfy Loose Fit Long Tunic TopShort Sleeve Comfy Loose Fit Long Tunic Top

While the Irma is probably my favorite top to pair with my leggings, Amazon has great tunic options for really good prices.

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  1. You said that multi consultant groups are hard to find, so let me help your readers by showing you a great one. Http:// I encourage you to check it out.
  2. I don't any LuLaroe but my teen loves the skirts. I'll share the sites you recommended and look at them too. Great clothing lines!

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