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How Do You Know When to Size Up Cloth Diapers?

I love our Cloth Diapers.  \What an obvious statement to anyone who has read this blog more than 2 days, right?  But, I needed to start out this post that way before I share my recent feelings.

  • Our Cloth Diapers are giving me a headache.
  • I’m getting frustrated with leaking issues.
  • I always feel that I need to make our Cloth look “good” for friends and family, who I know are still questioning my decisions, in their heads.

Since Sophia has switched to Milk and became an Eating Machine, her bathroom habits have completely changed.  Nighttime diapering is still going perfectly well with my Fitted/Wool combination, but daytime diapering is a totally different story. 

She can’t wear a BumGenius, AppleCheeks, or even a Rumparooz {which was ALWAYS my go-to diaper for a longer wear time} for more than 1.5-2 hours. 

At home, it’s not that big of deal but… when we’re out, changing diapers constantly is a big issue.  Add in the fact that when we’re out with friends or family and I’m having to change Sophia’s clothes numerous times or complaining about pee leaking through onto me… major headache!

So, today I came across a post on the Abby’s Lane Facebook page that asked where the rise should be… I knew that I had read before that the diaper should sit right at or under the child’s belly button. 

Our GroVia sits right where it should… but what did I notice when I put Sophia’s Rumparooz on just a little while ago?  It came about 2 inches below her belly button!? Could this be our reason for all the leaking around her legs?  I really hope so. I’m moving her BumGenius and Rumparooz to completely un-snapped and we’ll try it out.

If this doesn’t work, I’m guessing we’ll have to start bulking up her diapers and using a Microfiber and Hemp insert in each diaper to see if that will help out.  I’ll keep you posted on how this journey goes!

What about you?  What age was your child when you decided to go to the last size on your One-Size diapers?

Or, how do you know when to size up cloth diapers?

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Wednesday 6th of July 2011

Rumparooz seem to have a low rise and I moved my son up to the next setting in his Rumparooz before any other diaper. I am not an expert, but I moved because we were having leaks in the front. To me, it seemed like the diaper might not be coming up high enough to contain his pee. Once I moved the snaps, we haven't had any other issues. I moved my BumGenius about 2 weeks later, and we are still on the smallest setting for Gro-Via....same as he was wearing when he was newborn, which is weird, I guess now that he's 15 lbs, but the Gro-Via's just seem to have a different fit than the others.