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When It’s Time to Upgrade to a Booster Seat

My baby is big. She is three years old. THREE! 

She reminds me of how big she is everyday. “Mom, I’m a big girl. I can do it. Mom, I’m big now.” 

When she sees the sad look I get {half faking} she responds “It’s ok, Mama. I’ll still love you and hug you and kiss you when I’m big!” heart melts. 

Since she’s a big girl now, we’ve been talking about getting a big girl car seat, a big girl booster seat.

Britax Booster Frontier 90

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I still remember my sweet Sophia as this tiny {well, not sooo tiny} 9 pound newborn. But apparently she has grown into the beautiful young lady you see above. She’s always acted like a threenager, but now she really is!

I’ve been eyeing booster seats for awhile, not because she can’t fit into her convertible seat anymore, but just to be prepared. 

I liked the look of the Britax Parkway, but realized it will be a good while before Sophia fits the weight and height requirements. Plus, I would honestly like to keep her a 5 point harness, for safety purposes, as long as I can. 

So, when I saw Britax announce their newest Booster Seat a couple of months ago, I knew it would be the perfect seat for my sweet girl!


We were sent the brand new Britax Frontier 90 {free for review} a few weeks ago. When Sophia found out what was inside, she insisted we put her big car seat together immediately!


The thing is… there’s nothing to really do. Everything is together and ready to install in your in minutes. 

Yep, I’m going out on a limb here and saying you can get the Frontier 90 Harness to Booster installed in your vehicle correctly in less than 20 minutes. How do I know you can?

Because I did and if I can do it by myself, I know you can.


Well, it actually took me a bit more than 20 minutes because I wanted to share some fab pictures with you, but sans pictures, less than 20 minutes – no doubt.

One of the things I kept seeing about the Britax Booster Seat was the “Click Tight” mechanism. I simply followed the instructions on the accompanying stickers and tag and found out very fast how easy this seat was going to be to install.


So, what happens when you hear the click? Part of the seat pops up and exposes hidden harness and latch connectors.


The space serves two purposes.

  • If you were using a belt installation {if your car didn’t support the latches OR if your child is big enough to use the seat as a booster}, then you can store the lower connectors in this space so you won’t lose them.
  • No matter if you are using the connectors or seat belt installation, you have quick access to the belt path. This insures that your belt is straight and positioned correctly!

You’ll also notice in all of the pictures, the directions are on the side of the seat – one side in English, one in Spanish. I love this feature. 

Don’t get me wrong, everyone should read their car seat manual, but if we’re being honest {and a bit cynical}, we know they don’t. Having the instructions readily available and easy to understand right on the side of the booster seat means it’s a lot easier for parents to install the seat correctly!

My Favorite Features of the Britax Frontier 90 Booster Seat

  1. Clear instructions on the side, as well as weight and height restrictions for each mode of the Britax Frontier 90.
  2. Cupholders on both sides of the seat, as well as an extra little space for small snacks or toys.
  3. HUGS Chest Pads. {Be sure to read all about why they’re there – and it’s not just so your chest clip stays in the right spot, but that’s a nice side feature too!}
  4. Arm rests! This is definitely one of Sophia’s favorite features {along with the easy-to-reach cupholders}.
  5. Strap protectors.
  6. Chest clip positioning reminder right on the buckle!

A few of my other favorite features about this seat that aren’t as photo friendly…

  • Ability to take off the cover for easy washing. VERY important with potty training toddlers. I love that I can take off the cover without un-installing the booster seat.
  • EZ Buckle System. The lower buckle for the 5 point is always pushed forward if it isn’t latched. What this means is, the buckle is never under Sophia when she climbs in. It’s SO nice not to have to search for that buckle!

I also love that adjusting the height of the shoulder straps is super easy and no re-threading required!

Installing the Britax Booster Seat


Installing this 25lbs seat really is a breeze. I sat it right on top of my Britax Seat Protectors {which save my leather seats from indentions, potty accidents – sometimes it’s a real flood, and stray snacks.

I attached the Versa-Tether to the back of my seat and the lower latch connectors. I found them both very easy to tighten, even though I usually need Rob to do that part. I had absolutely no wiggle in the seat after I tightened them. 

We have the seat in the slight Recline position because it’s still pretty common for Sophia to sleep in the car on longer trips. I was a bit worried that the Booster Seat wouldn’t be as comfy for car naps, but…


She doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Some of you might wonder if a booster seat like this one is really a necessity. There are a few Britax convertibles that will safely allow your child to ride up until 70 pounds and/or 49 inches. Compare that to the Frontier 90 that you can use:

  • Harness Mode: up to 90 lbs; up to 58 in. {2 years of Age, 25lbs minimum}
  • Booster Mode: 40 – 120 lbs; up to 62 in.

The suggested retail price of the Britax Frontier 90 Booster Seat is $329.99, but I’ve seen it available on Amazon for as low as $264.99!

Visit Britax and let me know what is your favorite feature of the Britax Frontier 90 in a comment on this post.


Saturday 28th of June 2014

Great review! We have to replace our Marathon because of a car accident and have been thinking of this one. Seems like a no-brainier :) What was your daughters weight/height at the time?

Annie Barber

Monday 21st of October 2013

I love the easy secure installation and no rethread harness.

Nicole U

Monday 21st of October 2013

I love the True Side Impact Protection!

christine k

Monday 21st of October 2013

I love that the harness mode can go up to 90 lbs! Definitely my favorite feature!

Margaret Villella

Monday 21st of October 2013

I love the recline feature and the high height and weight limits. I have a big 2 year old so we will need higher limits when we eventually switch him to a forward facing seat.

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