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4 Ways to Get Kids to Floss [Without a Fuss!]

This article about benefits of flossing for kids was inspired by a collaboration with Plackers®. All opinions are my own.

Ways to Get Kids to Floss

I’m going to be honest with you here… I hate to floss. I’ve never liked the after-brushing activity, especially once I had a permanent retainer put in, I’ve dreaded it even more. But, I know how important flossing is so I drudge through it. This isn’t quite the case with my girls – they love to floss! It hasn’t always been that way, which is why I thought I would share with you 4 easy ways to get your kids to floss if they’re lacking in motivation.

Floss with Your Child

There’s nothing my girls like more than to do an activity with me. Whether it’s helping bake muffins, weeding the garden, and even folding laundry – if it’s something they get to do with Mom, it’s a big deal. I decided to use that same concept when it came to brushing and flossing and it totally worked. Besides, doing an activity with someone you love is always more fun!

Make it Fun

Speaking of fun, if you’re a parent you probably already know that if you want an activity to go smoothly with your child, you should probably make it fun. Brushing and getting your kids to floss is no different. There are a ton of ways to make the activity more fun – sing a song, play a song on your phone while flossing, and even dance [carefully, remember you’re still flossing!]. There are even apps that you can download that play songs for the amount of time your child should be brushing and flossing.

Kids Brushing

Buy Fun Floss Picks

Bingo! This one is the biggest reason that my girls love to floss and it’s one that I would definitely recommend. Using floss that you have to wrap around your fingers just isn’t very kid-friendly, but these adorable, easy-to-grip flossers make flossing easier and more fun.

Plackers Flosser Sticks

Want to get kids to floss happily? Have a stock of these Plackers Dual Grip Fruit Smoothie Swirl Kids’ Flossers inside the fun, monkey-shaped holder! Getting your child to floss is even easier when you have the Flosser friend and have the picks easy to grab by the sink.

Plackers Flosser Friend

The Plackers Flosser Friend comes with a pack of Plackers Flossers that feature dual grips, which make them work for kids of all ages. They’re also the perfect size for adults to use to help assist your children in flossing as they are just learning the healthy activity. Although they’re different colors [which makes them even more fun to my girls], they’re all a delicious flavor of fruit smoothie!

You can find Plackers® Dual Grip Fruit Smoothie Swirl Kids’ Flossers and the adorable Flosser Friend at Wal-Mart stores nationwide and other retail stores such as Publix, Safeway and

Make a Sticker Chart

If those aren’t enough fun or encouragement for getting your kids to floss, always choose stickers! We’ve made sticker charts for everything in our house – days with no tears at Preschool Drop-Off, Potty Training, Sleeping in a Big Girl Bed, so why not flossing?! Give your child a sticker each day and night that they choose to floss and when the chart is full, give a healthy reward.

Get Kids to Floss

What tips or tricks have you used to get your kids to floss?
Which of my tips do you think would work best for your child?



Friday 3rd of June 2016

Starting children out with good oral hygiene habits is a necessity. I love your tips - especially about bringing in an element of fun. Thanks for sharing!