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Homemade Toilet Bombs

Ditch the store bought cleaners full of chemicals and clean your bathroom with these homemade toilet bombs. They’re an easy no-scrub DIY toilet bowl cleaner that keeps your toilet sparkling clean!

toilet bombs in glass jar and silicone mold

If there’s one thing I despise cleaning it’s the bathroom. I mean, is there anything in the bathroom that’s fun to clean?

I’m always finding toothpaste and hand soap all over the girls’ sink and don’t get me started on the shower! Although, cleaning the shower is a little easier when I use my daily shower spray.

But everyone’s least favorite is probably the same as mine… the toilet!

I mean, does anyone really like cleaning a toilet? Of course, I love when my toilet is sparkling clean, but the scrubbing to get it there is definitely not how I want to spend my day.

toilet cleaner bombs beside jar and silicone mold and mixing bowl with powder

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But what if I told you there’s a way to clean your toilet without scrubbing!? It’s true and I’ve been loving these DIY toilet bombs since I made them the first time over 2 years ago!

Yes, I did say toilet cleaner bombs. Now, these aren’t going to make your toilet explode, but they will fizz and keep your toilet clean with no scrubbing!

What are toilet bombs?

While the name can be a bit odd, toilet bombs are named that because they literally burst [or fizz really] when you put them in the toilet water.

They are to be used inside the actual toilet bowl, not the toilet tank.

Do toilet bombs really work?

Toilet cleaner bombs really do work! They are best used regularly in between deep cleanings. And will keep those deep cleanings to a minimum.

The ingredients in the toilet bombs are what does the work – the citric acid is what makes them fizz and the baking soda and corn starch actually do. the scrubbing and shining for you!

Can you put toilet bombs in the tank?

No, this DIY toilet bowl cleaner is to clean the bowl itself. I haven’t tried it yet, but this looks like a great DIY toilet tank cleaner.

If you like to DIY anything, you’re going to appreciate just how easy these are to make and appreciate even more how easy they are to use!

How to Make DIY Toilet Bombs

I started making my own homemade cleaners years ago for a couple of reasons – to save money and to control the ingredients of what I was using. These toilet cleaner tablets came from a desire to keep our bathroom cleaner and fresher on a daily basis.

collage of hand pouring baking soda into bowl and mixing while spraying glass bottle essential oils on side

You probably have everything you need to make these homemade toilet bombs already, except for 1 ingredient – citric acid. While you can find citric acid in most stores, near the canning products, I buy mine on Amazon.

It’s a great price, plus I have extra to make even more DIY products with citric acid like bath bombs and !

Here’s what you need to make homemade toilet cleaner bombs:

  • Citric Acid
  • Baking Soda
  • Corn Starch
  • Water
  • Essential Oils [optional]
  • You will also need a silicone mold and small glass spray bottle.
white cleaner tablet beside pink silicone mold and jar with toilet bombs in text

The full tutorial on how to combine the ingredients is below.

Tips for making these toilet cleaner bombs

A couple of notes on combing citric acid with liquid – the key is to combine slowly. When citric acid comes into contact with a liquid, even water, it fizzes.

That’s the desired finish, but not what you want when you’re making the bombs. Add water slowly with a small spray bottle to prevent premature fizzing.

hand taking toilet cleaner bombs out of pink silicone mold and putting into glass jar

Once you remove your toilet bombs from your mold, be sure to store in an airtight jar. If your jar is not airtight, your molds might melt together.

While the ingredients to make these toilet cleaner tabs always remains the same, you can change up the design!

spoon in bowl making toilet cleaners with flowers and glass jar

You can use different molds to make them different shapes and styles. I’ve even used K-cups [that have been emptied after using] for molds! It’s a great way to recycle K cups and make this DIY even green-er.

While your toilet will still need a decent scrub every now and then, this DIY toilet bowl cleaner is great for in between cleanings and refreshing when you have guests over, especially at the holidays.

If you’re looking to green your bathroom routine, I’d highly recommend making your own plastic-free cleaning products like these toilet bombs! Since they aren’t in packaging, they are waste-free too!

DIY Toilet Cleaner Tabs

DIY no scrub cleaning bombs for your toilet

These DIY toilet cleaner bombs are easy to make and work great! Add in your favorite essential oils for a more natural, scrub-free, way to clean your toilet!


  • 1/2 cup Citric Acid
  • 1/2 cup Baking Soda
  • 1/2 cup Corn Starch
  • 1 tsp Water
  • 30 drops of Essential Oils of your choice



  1. Mix your dry ingredients in a glass bowl.
  2. Mix your favorite essential oils [my favorites to use are Tea Tree, Citrus Fresh, Lavender, Peppermint...] with water in a glass spray bottle.
  3. Slowly spray the liquid on the dry ingredients. You do this slowly, otherwise your mixture will fizz now instead of waiting for when you put them in the toilet.
  4. Spoon mixture into molds and place in freezer for 3-4 hours until set.
  5. Store in an airtight jar in your bathroom for immediate use.

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Are you ready to go waste free in your bathroom? I hope so because it really is an easy change to live a green-er life. Check out 8 other tips for a waste free bathroom here including more plastic free cleaning products.

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Sunday 3rd of December 2023

I've tried the toilet cleaner that is supposed to fizz and bubble up from 1 scoop. Not at my house. It just laid in the bowl leaving a blue color. The product got damp somewhere and I had to scrape in the container to get enough to put in the scoop as soon as I opened it. Their customer service was awesome, but overpriced and under delivered.


Monday 18th of December 2023

I hope these work better for you if you try them, Trish!


Sunday 15th of May 2022

Clorox works is fine. This cleaner is my favorite cleaner.


Tuesday 15th of December 2020

My bombs are blowing up in the mold. Is there another way to incorporate the water so they don’t expand?

Denise M Highfield

Sunday 31st of January 2021

Add your liquid to the baking soda and cornstarch, mix well then add the citric acid.


Sunday 6th of December 2020

What consistency should the mixture be before you spoon it into the molds? Mine is still very loose.


Sunday 6th of December 2020

You should add more liquid until it sticks together in clumps when you squeeze in your hand.


Wednesday 6th of May 2020

Could you use this as a powder instead of adding the liquids (and just sprinkle some powder into the toilet bowl when you want to clean it)?

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