DIY Toilet Cleaner Tabs + 8 More Ways to Go Waste Free in Your Bathroom

Ditch the store bought cleaners full of chemicals and clean your bathroom with these DIY toilet cleaner tabs plus 8 other ways you can go waste free in your bathroom.

When you start on the path of a green-er life for your family, you likely start with your children. That’s how our journey went and what I hear so many others say as well. Then the natural progression seems to go from children’s personal care products to the kitchen. You start purchasing more organic foods, healthy snacks, etc. Today I’m ready to share with you the next step you should make in your green journey… a waste free bathroom!

While the idea of going waste free may seem just way too hard [I know, because I thought so myself for the last few years], it’s really so easy, no pun intended. Today I’m going to share with you 9 easy ways to make your bathroom produce no trash. So repurpose those tiny bathroom trash cans [that really don’t hold much anyways] and go waste free in the bathroom with me!

First, let’s tackle some beauty and personal care products that you can choose to use that won’t produce regular trash.

DIY Shampoo

While many who are going waste free go “No Poo” also, I haven’t quite done that myself. But I do love a good DIY shampoo, especially this easy DIY dry shampoo from Viva Veltoro.

Tooth Powder

I’ve been using the Shine Dental Powder from Wellscent for almost 2 years now. It’s been the best thing for the health of my teeth and there’s no toothpaste tubes to throw away!

Reusable Feminine Products

Perhaps one of my favorite personal care products to go completely waste free in the bathroom is a menstrual cup. Toss the tampons – well, don’t toss them because that would be trash, but leave them on the shelves at the store and change your life with a menstrual cup.

DIY Scrub

DIY Coconut Oil Body Scrub

There’s no need to buy body scrubs and soaps when you can make your own. I love this coconut oil body scrub because it exfoliates while replenishing moisture thanks to the coconut oil.

Toilet Paper

What’s the most wasteful part of toilet paper? The tube, of course. That’s why my family went tube-free when we started going waste free in the bathroom. Scott Tube-Free is the same toilet paper we love from our favorite brand, and unrolls just the same, but without the unnecessary tube.

It’s by far the easiest switch you can make for a waste free bathroom. And it’s even easier thanks to Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. Simply order here [and don’t miss that $2 coupon!] and set your delivery date to make sure you never run out of toilet paper again.

Beauty and personal care products aren’t the only way you can go waste free. By making your own bathroom cleaners you’ll produce less waste immediately.

DIY Cleaners

Making your own cleaners is another way to eliminate the need for daily trash, especially when it comes to those disposable cloths that so many people purchase these days.

Homemade Wipes

If you ARE one of those that still buys the disposable wipes, stop now and see how easy it is to make your own reusable DIY cleaning wipes.

DIY Toilet Cleaner Tabs

Another way to DIY clean is the much dreaded toilet cleaner. While most store bought toilet cleaners are full of chemicals and containers to throw away, I’m sharing with you the easiest way to clean your toilet… DIY toilet cleaner tabs!

All you need to make these scrub-free toilet bombs is:

  • 1/2 cup Citric Acid
  • 1/2 cup Baking Soda
  • 1/2 cup Corn Starch
  • 1 teaspoon of Water
  • 30 drops of Essential Oils of your choice

First, you’ll mix your dry ingredients. Then mix your favorite essential oils [my favorites to use are Tea Tree, Citrus Fresh, Lavender, Peppermint…] with water in a glass spray bottle. You’ll slowly spray the liquid on the dry ingredients. You do this slowly, otherwise your mixture will fizz now instead of waiting for when you put them in the toilet.

Press into your favorite silicone tray then freeze for about 3 hours until they’re fully dry. Store in an airtight jar and get ready to clean your toilet waste AND scrub free!

Air Freshener

Sure you can make up your own air freshener in a spray bottle, but one of my favorite ways to freshen the bathroom is to put a small drop or two of essential oils on the toilet paper roll. No tube? No problem! Just apply a couple of drops into the middle.

Are you ready to go waste free in your bathroom? I hope so because it really is an easy change to live a green-er life. Don’t forget to add Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper to your next Subscribe & Save order to go waste free in your bathroom.

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