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VTech Monitor

Do you have a Video Monitor?

I bet if you don’t you think “I’d love to have one, but I really don’t need one.”  And I bet if you do have one, you think “There’s no way I could live without our video monitor – it’s a must-have for parents.”  I have been on both sides of that question.  We didn’t have one when Sophia was a newborn, I felt like audio was enough and I just couldn’t justify one with our budget when I kept convincing myself that audio was enough.

Then I got our first video monitor and I figured out why people love them so much, but it still had it’s drawbacks.  It had to be plugged in at all times and the screen was so tiny that you could barely see a speck of a kid on it, but still, I could SEE her at any time of the night and knew she was fine.

Then I got another video monitor and I loved it.  It worked with my iPhone, which meant it was more portable.  It panned and tilted, which meant I could move the camera remotely with my phone.  But it worked off my IP address and randomly wouldn’t work and the audio never really worked well so unless I heard them through the walls OR saw them frantically flailing their arms, I didn’t even know if they were crying.

VTech Video Monitor

So, why am I telling you this?  I’ve been around the Video Monitor block and I’m here to say – there’s a video monitor that has all the pros, and really, none of those cons.  And even though I don’t have a newborn, and don’t plan on having one any time soon, I would go out and buy the VTech Safe & Sound Pan and Tilt Video Monitor today – with a toddler and a preschooler because it really is the perfect video monitor for toddlers!

VTech Collage

VTech took into account that this video monitor would be a workhouse for the parent – eyes on your child when you can’t always have eyes on your child – as an infant and a toddler.  First – the Safe & Sound VM333 Video Baby Unit can sit on a flat surface or be mounted on the wall – out of the way, but a constant view of your child’s entire room.  There’s an On/Off switch on the Baby Unit, as well as a volume button [because you can talk to your baby through this monitor]!  The upper right picture above shows that I leave the monitor set on Sound Activation.  This conserves battery life and energy because the monitor only comes on when there’s sound in their room!

Installation Video Monitor

I love the mobility of the Video Parent Unit.  It comes with a re-chargable battery that lasts through the night.  It’s perfect for me since I spend nap time working in our home office, so I can easily take the monitor in with me and check on the girls any time I want without walking into their room and disturbing them OR having to walk back into my bedroom to check the monitor.  In fact, as I type this – I am checking on them!

Toddler on Video Monitor

I can easily see that Moreaya is not laying down in her bed [no surprise there] and with a touch of the right arrow button, I can see that…

Pan and Tilt Video Monitor

Sophia IS laying down, but playing [no surprise there either]!  The Safe & Sound Video Monitor features Full Pan, Tilt, and Zoom.  So even when you’re not in the same room, you can watch as your little one move about.  The camera pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 124 degrees up and down.  The camera even zooms up to 2x [it’s zoomed in on Moreaya in the photo above].

The Video Parent Unit also has a Temperature Indicator, which is great when your little ones are small and can’t tell you if they’re hot or cold and has multiple view options.  My girls share a room, but if you have children in separate bedrooms you can simply purchase another camera [up to 4] and use them with the same Parent Unit.  You can even view more than 1 camera at a time, with a split screen!

Reading on Video Monitor

More often than not, the girls and I are in the same room with one another, but Sophia is getting older and more independent.  She likes having more alone time and enjoys going into her room to read books or play more quiet type games.  I love being able to silently check on her, without invading her space and interrupting her solo play time.  But I can also watch her go from silently reading to…

Wild Toddler Video Monitor

my wild girl in 30 seconds flat!  And it’s always a good idea for me to keep an eye on them if they’re in a room alone together because someone always ends up fussing or crying – and I can usually stop those fights before they start with a quick “Girls…” on the video monitor!  There are a few video monitors with talk back on the market, but the VTech Safe & Sound Video Monitor actually sounds normal – no distorted voices, they really think I’m in the room!

And even most parents make their baby monitor purchase before their little one arrives, this really is the perfect video monitor for toddlers and babies of all ages.  I don’t use it as much at night, as I did when the girls were infants, but if you do – it has a great night vision so you can still check on your sleeping children without disturbing them.

VTech Video Monitor Review

The VTech Safe & Sound VM333 Video Monitor is available for purchase on

Where do you stand on Video Monitors – Can’t live without them OR haven’t discovered the awesomeness of them yet?

  1. You're right. I went through all of those thoughts when I ended up getting a regular old monitor. I've always wanted one, but just couldn't spend the money on it. However, after reading that article where a man somehow hacked into the feed, I'm afraid to get one. I always wondered if someone else would be able to watch my baby sleep, so this scares me. However, it can't be often that this happens; so even though I'm scared, I think it would still be neat and very convenient to have a video monitor like this.

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