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5 Reasons I Continue to Take VitaFive Vitamins

I have been ordering Vitafive vitamins for over 1 year now and here are 5 reasons why I continually choose these tasty vitamin gummies.

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I’ve been happily ordering Vitafive gummy vitamins for myself for over a year now! I have to say that I’ve never stuck with a vitamin regimen for this long because… well, life. But Vitafive has been totally different for me and here’s 5 reasons why!

Vitafive vitamins are yummy

It might come as a surprise that I actually take my vitamins in the afternoon, often when I’m rushing out the door to join the school pick-up line. Why? Because I use them as my afternoon sweet treat! Yes, they really are that tasty.

Each of the vitamin gummies has a bit of a different flavor and some will certainly surprise you… especially the Omega-3. Even fish oil capsules often have a undesirable taste, but these gluten and allergen free, vegetarian vitamins do not.

Vitafive vitamins come delivered straight to your door

There’s no need to add “vitamins” to your shopping list anymore. No worries about ever running out or forgetting to buy gummy vitamins because Vitafive makes it easy on you by shipping your monthly box on time.

Vitamins for the whole family

Each Vitafive vitamin pack comes stamped with the person’s name and vitamin contents. This is fabulous when you order for multiple family members.

Although I’m sharing my adult vitamin choices here, they do have kids vitamins as well.

Multiple vitamin choices

While many people take a multivitamin, there are a ton more essential vitamins that your body will appreciate. I love my Beauty Pack from Vitafive that contains Biotin and Omega-3. I recently just started adding in the Calcium & D3 too.

Now imagine I had bottles of each one of these daily vitamins sitting on my counter. Yeah, I would be overwhelmed, which is exactly why I never stuck with a vitamin routine, until the past year.

You can choose pre-made packs from Vitafive or create your own personalized packs with 8 vitamin choices [5 of which are Vegan]. All of their high quality gummies are made with pectin, rather than gelatin, which is more easily digested and absorbed. They also contain NO artificial sweeteners or colors.

Good value

Vitafive recently changed their pricing scale making the monthly vitamin packs an ever better value for individuals and families. The best value packs contain 3+ vitamin gummies and ship for free.

My favorite pre-made pack, the Beauty Pack, contains 3 vitamins for $29.00, which comes out to roughly 94 cents a day! Vitafive also offers 25% off each additional family member per order.