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Should You Buy Used Cloth Diapers?

One great way to cloth diaper on a budget is by buying and selling cloth diapers – buy used cloth diapers and sell the diapers that don’t work for you. Here are the pros & cons of buying used cloth diapers.

Selling and Buying Used Cloth Diapers

Today we’re going to talk about a cloth diapering topic that I just love… buying used cloth diapers!  I’ve been selling a few lately, not only to get a few new ones for Moreaya, but also to try some different types on Sophia, so that’s what inspired this week’s topic!

Why do I love it?  Because it’s super green, you’re saving green, and you get to try a ton of different types of diapers!  Those are my favorite reasons, but let’s technically lay out the Pros and Cons of buying used cloth diapers {and if I miss any that you’re thinking of, add them in the Comments!}

Pros of Buying Used Cloth Diaper:

  • It’s green! Obviously you’re re-using an item that isn’t totally lifeless yet and in turn helping create less waste from those diapers being thrown away too prematurely.
  • It’s cheap-er! Actually cloth diapers really don’t lose much of their value, unless they’re very old and worn, stained, or the PUL/elastic is shot. I usually pay between 50-70% of a diaper’s retail value for used if it’s in good shape. That’s about what I sell them for too.
  • I usually steer more clear of WAHM diapers, unless I’ve read a review on another blog, but there’s a great opportunity out there to try all kinds of different diapers that you might not normally try. These diapers usually lose more of their value once they’re used so you also have the option of saving more money by getting them at a used price.


  • They’re used.  My husband shuddered that I would buy used cloth diapers in the beginning. Although I know he still doesn’t totally like it, he sees the process that we go through when washing used cloth diapers to clean them.
  • You don’t know where they came from. You technically don’t know if the previous owner always used cloth diaper safe detergent, hung the covers to dry, or ever had issues with rashes or even technical problems with the diaper [PUL, snaps, elastic, etc.]
  • Warranties. Usually when you re-sell diapers, the warranty is void so don’t count on manufacturers replacing a defective product if it’s bought used.

With those Pros and Cons, obviously buying used cloth diapers is for some people and not for others. You have to weigh these ideas and decide what is best for your family. I always felt like it’s such a great way to start your stash… as you get to try different diapers and lower costs and the best part? If you don’t like them, re-sell!

Expert Tip: It’s a great idea to buy used cloth diapers if you’re cloth diapering on a budget.

Best Places to Sell and Buy Used Cloth Diapers

Some of the best places to buy used cloth diapers and sell them too are:

  • Diaperswappers
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • Ebay
  • Friends
  • Poshmark – Yes! There are a ton of cloth diapers for sale on this popular clothing app. Be sure to use the code GNAOI when you sign up to get $5 off your first purchase!

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