Upcycled Easter Baskets Made from Milk Jugs

Bunny Easter Baskets

Sophia is really excited about Easter this year and she loves craft time even more.  Crafts that combine her excitement of Easter?  Well, that just takes her excitement to a whole other level!  So, today I’m sharing with you our latest creations – Upcycled Easter Bunny Baskets made from Milk Jugs!

Do you upcycle or re-purpose products?  We do quite a bit.  I try to find a “re-purpose” for just about everything that I have to dispose of.  It makes me feel a little bit better about re-using products, as well as knowing that I get my money’s worth!  Plus, when I upcycle product, like this Easter Bunny Basket from the Milk Container, I can let the girls play with it until it just can’t be played with anymore.  It’s nice knowing that they can have fun with a project that literally costs pennies to make – and not worry if something gets broken or damaged!


Easter Bunny Baskets DIY:

I created this project with literally pennies.  We already had all the craft items in our stash and the milk jugs were saved from the trash, so this is fun and super simple to do!

You can also change up the project depending on how you want your bunny to look, as well as accommodating the age of your child.  Sophia likes to glue right now, so I made sure there were plenty of things for her to put together.

milk jug repurposed

Start out by cutting out your milk jug.  I simply drew a line around the flow of the jug and used a box cutter to take off the top.

repurposed milk jug

You’ll get an uneven cut, but it’s easy to go back around with scissors to smooth it out.

punch holes

I chose to make the handle out of pipe cleaners, but you could use string or anything.  You can punch two holes on the sides or at the top and bottom, like I did.  I find you get more stability at this angle.


Then you’re ready to decorate!  I didn’t have any large googly eyes, so we used colored foam.  I cut the bunny ears out of construction paper and we had a cute, glittery pom pom for the tail.  Moreaya couldn’t do much {everything goes in this child’s mouth}, but it’s important to start introducing crafting and hands on activities at an early age anyways!



Can you tell this child loves crafts… and glue!?


I drew an extra line on Sophia’s bunny so she could cover him with fluffy cotton balls.  I filled a bowl with some glue for her to dip the cotton balls in so it would be easier for her.  She put a few on and declared she was through.  But they look really cute if you cover their whole bottom with them too!


She said “Mama, I made him a beard!”  Love this girl and her little imagination.  She was so incredibly proud of her bunny basket!


Like I said before, cheap, re-purposed crafts are great for the environment {giving an item more than 1 purpose rather than going out and buying something else}, but they also give children a sense of ownership and pride.  Not to mention the activity of actually making the Easter Basket itself!

The girls have really been enjoying carrying them around and having “practice” Easter Egg Hunts! 


Bunny Easter Baskets

What have you made with Re-Purposed Milk Jugs?!

  1. Omgosh I totally did this in school as a kid!! Loved it!! Thanks for bringing back a classic!! I had totally forgotten about it!! My kiddo would adore it!
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  4. I love cheap and repurposed crafts and we need easter baskets by next weekend. Thanks for sharing! Please link up to my linky as well!

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