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50 Awesome and Unique Cat Beds Your Cat Wants Today

If you’re a cat person, you know cats are unique. It might be easy to think they all like the same things, but nope! Their personalities are often one-of-a-kind! That’s why you HAVE to see these unique cat beds! They are as awesome and unique as your cat – and you’re bound to find one on the list that they just have to have!

collage of unique cat beds with cats laying inside

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I’ve always been a cat person. I’ve had a pet cat almost all my life. We did adopt a dog just two years ago and you know what I’ve learned from that? I’m still a cat person.

Don’t get me wrong – I love our Aussiedoodle, Collie, but cats are just more my jam for sure. They think they rule the house [like me], they love their alone time [like me], and they love to eat and sleep [like ME!].

cat sitting on white shelf in front of window

That’s why I scoured the web for super fun and awesome cat beds because us pet parents want to give our feline friend the best – right?!

Below you will find some amazing pet beds for your feline companion – some you can make yourself and some cool cat beds that you can buy today that will arrive as quick as tomorrow!

cat in unique cat bed bubble on wall
Photo courtesy of Etsy seller.

Let me know which you would vote for as the best unique cat bed in a comment below!

50 Unique Cat Beds

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