The Ultimate Jamberry Giveaway

We just rang in 2015 and with a New Year comes the chance to develop a new YOU!

Jamberry Short Nails

In September of last year, I discovered Jamberry Nail Wraps and immediately become a consultant.  I knew from the first time that I used them that I would be kicking nail polish to the curb for both myself and my girls.  The wraps are non-toxic, last way longer than polish lasts on all of us, and are truly affordable when you breakdown the value of one sheet.

In the past few months, I’ve worn a lot of wraps [it’s one of the best perks of being a Jamberry Consultant for sure!] and I’ve had a lot of favorite Jamicures, but this one is definitely my favorite.

Sugar & Spice

My all-time favorite wrap has to be Sugar & Spice, but I’m totally crushing on a Valentine’s Day inspired wrap, Love Spell right now.

Of course I love being a Consultant because I have the opportunity to always wear the wraps, but even more so I’m having a ton of fun with it.  Not only do I get to introduce others to our life-changing nail wraps, I get to party with my customers on a weekly basis, AND I get to work with girls on my team that are loving this business as much as I am!  In fact, Amanda and Sam are contributing to this amazing giveaway with me and want to share their story [and favorite wraps with you too]!

Meet Amanda

I tried Jamberry in November 2014 and immediately fell in love with the wraps for my daughter.  She is a nail biter and our expensive Mommy and Me manicures would only last 12 hours after leaving the salon. While I loved spending that quality one on one time together, it could become very expensive and disappointing that the polish just didn’t hold up.  Well, let me tell you a little secret – it’s not so easy to bit vinyl off your nails and she now has long gorgeous nails!  She and I love trying all the fun designs and are too really into the Love Spell valentine wrap; however, I still have a long list of ones that I can’t wait to try, Lotus or the new Marsala Chevron, being on the top of that list. Being able to work a great group of ladies that I get to call my friends while helping others feel beautiful and seeing the excitement after they have put on their first set of Jams… ah, there is nothing like it!


Meet Sam

I was given 2 sheets of Jamberry Nail wrap last Summer. At the time I was working on kicking a nail bitting habit and was unsure how the wraps would work out for me. I was used to the task of painting my nails, removing polish from my skin and sitting for what seems like forever waiting for them to dry – only for them to chip away right after because of dishes, laundry, or giving bathes. What a waste and so frustrating! After applying one of my gifted sheets of wraps it was instant LOVE. Not only was I no longer bitting my nails, but my jamicures lasted far longer than any polish had ever held up. My nails looked gorgeous has they grew longer and healthier.


When it came time to purchase some new wraps, I couldn’t believe my options! Hundreds of designs – it was pretty difficult to pick a favorite. I was crazy about all the feminine, flowery options it was hard to just choose one, so I ended up with a list including Ditsy Floral, Reminisce and Vintage Chic! As I browsed the website, I fell in love with the Jamberry Nails opportunity and knew I had to take part! Not only did I receive more gorgeous wraps in my Starter Kit, but I’m thrilled to share my love of Jamberry through parties! A chance to introduce customers to the nail wraps and working together with a great team of ladies that were all a great encouragement and means of support as I grow my business. I’m excited to be a part of such a ground breaking business!

10 Day Challenge Collage

Jamberry Nail Wraps hold up when polish doesn’t!


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