Cloth Trainers

Cloth Trainers are a great tool when Potty Training.  In the long run, they are much cheaper than their disposable competition and look less like diapers {and without all the chemicals in their disposable counterparts}. Trainers come in One-Size and Sized varieties and different types – Pocket types, AIO types, etc.  Most are Pull-On type but some do come with snaps for quick release in case of accidents. Cloth Trainers aren’t meant to absorb as much as cloth diapers.  They typically will only hold 1 or 2 accidents before they will leak.


  • Cheaper than disposable Training Pants.
  • Feel and look more like underwear.
  • Easier to pull up and down than cloth diapers, when you have a child who is training and needs to use the restroom in a public place.


  • Not necessary.  It’s not necessary to even use Trainers in the Potty Training process.
  • Initially seem expensive.

One way to combat the cost of Cloth Training Pants is to DIY them.

DIY Cloth Training Pants

My Favorite Trainers:

  • My DIY Cloth Trainers –
  • SuperUndies – Website
  • EcoPosh Organic Recyled Trainer – Website // My Review
  • Charlie Banana Organic Trainer – Website // My Review

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