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Introducing the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress + Sleep System [Exclusive Coupon Code]

Think memory foam mattresses are the only option in today’s mattress purchases? Think again! Introducing Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattresses and why they should be at the top of your mattress research.

Memory foam mattresses are definitely at an all-time high right now with so many mattress-in-a-box brands. But strictly memory foam isn’t the only way you can go. I was contacted by Tomorrow Sleep to review their hybrid mattress, which is a high-quality mattress that not only contains high density memory foam as the top layer, but a layer of supportive coils as well.

Our hybrid mattress came delivered to our doorstep in a large box, rolled into an amazingly small wrapped package. It’s astounding how much these mattresses can compress. We chose to review a twin size hybrid mattress because my oldest daughter, Sophia, has been sleeping on her traditional spring mattress for about 6 years now.

It was the first and only mattress, other than her crib, that she’d ever slept on so it was definitely time for her to get an upgrade.

So what exactly is a hybrid mattress and how do they compare to memory foam mattresses?

That was my first question and here’s what I learned! Tomorrow Sleep boasts that it offers the best hybrid mattress by making a mattress that is the perfect balance of comfort and support, designed with premium temperature regulating memory foam and a gently stabilizing coil system.

If you’ve ever heard that memory foam mattresses sleep hot, it’s likely true. They absorb body heat and sometimes take some time to get used to, but this hybrid mattress doesn’t. I admit, I’ve slept on it a few times to test it out [and because my girl likes to snuggle her Mama] and it’s amazing how cool it sleeps.

This is a huge factor if you feel hot when you sleep [on your present mattress] and something that definitely affects sleep quality for a large portion of people.

Sophia has always been a light, and all around not-so-great-of-a sleeper. It seems that no matter what time she goes to bed at night, she always wakes up early. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love having an early riser because I am too, but often she’s tired by the end of the day and I know she wasn’t getting enough sleep.

She’s been sleeping on her hybrid mattress for just about a month now and the difference in her sleep patterns has been very noticeable… even to her, as a 7 year old! She tells me “Mom, I used to wake up a lot in the night and stare at the clock waiting for it to turn to 6:00 but now I don’t!” She’s completely fallen in love with her mattress and for that reason, I have too! I’m not sure if it’s the comfort, the support, the coolness… whatever it is, we like it!

While Tomorrow may be a brand name that is new to you, their mattress research and development is not. Their company is backed by Serta Simmons Bedding, which means they have over a century worth of research, development, and insights into sleep. They are also proud of the fact that their mattresses are made in the USA, not too far from me actually, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress comes in 6 different sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King and 2 different feels Medium Soft and Medium Firm. They don’t need a special box spring to set on, in fact they can be placed on a variety of bases, which was very important to me since Sophia sleeps on the top of a bunk bed.

Speaking of sleep quality, that subject is one of the most important to Tomorrow Sleep and you’ll see that with a visit to their website. There is a wealth of knowledge not only about their mattresses, but sleep cycles and more. In fact, that knowledge is what has led to developing the entire Tomorrow Sleep System. Not only can you purchase hybrid mattresses from Tomorrow Sleep, but a variety of other accessories to get the best sleep of your life.

Tomorrow Sleep sent along a few of those accessories for us to try out including a Waterproof Mattress Protector to fit the twin size mattress. For kids, I feel like the mattress cover is a necessity and I love this one. It’s breathable and fits over the mattress just like an elastic sheet with a cool backing and waterproof layer to protect against any type of accidents, spills, and dirt.

It also has no effect on the comfort of the mattress, or the coolness of how the high density memory foam feels. It’s easy to remove and wash and is available in all 6 sizes.

We also received the Tomorrow Sleep Comforter, which I did request in a King Size since I’ve been looking for a more comfortable comforter for winter. It’s just heavy enough to make you feel enveloped and comfortable, but cool enough to not overheat during the night. Moreaya took one look at it and said “Mom, your bed looks like a hotel now!”

Perhaps the accessory that Sophia was most excited about was the Memory Foam Pillow. She’s been jealous of my pillow for a few months now and begged for her own so when I read her the list of Tomorrow Sleep accessories she could choose from, I wasn’t one bit surprised when she chose it first.

In fact, Moreaya couldn’t wait until we were done photographing to see how comfortable it would be!

I sing praises of high quality memory foam pillows to anyone who will listen and now so does my 7 year old! Tomorrow Sleep’s memory foam pillow is created with a dense, yet soft foam that not only relaxes you while you sleep, but keeps your spin in alignment. I’ve had neck issues in the past and can’t say enough about how a memory foam pillow can help with neck and shoulder issues.

Within the Tomorrow Sleep System you’ll also find a Plush Pillow [for those who like larger, softer pillows], sheet sets, drapes, and even a Sleeptracker Monitor that can monitor your sleeping patterns and wake you up at the best time, depending on your sleep cycles. The system was designed to work together, with your hybrid mattress, to give you the best possible sleep.

All Tomorrow Sleep products come with a 100-Nights Risk Free Trial period. The Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress comes with a 10 year warranty and all accessories carry a 3 year warranty.


Monday 11th of December 2017

I was huge fan for memory foam mattress and I have recently bought a new memory foam mattress from Rest Refreshed which was absolutely brilliant with foam and I recommended Queen size mattress for neighbor.