Toddler Activities using Baby Food Pouch Lids

We talked earlier this week about the Baby Food Pouches from Earth’s Best Organic.  With all of the Earth’s Best Food Pouches that the girls go through, I started wondering… “What to do with all those Baby Food Pouch Lids?”.  So, I started saving them and Sophia and I came up with some creative uses and great toddler activites!

Patterns.  This is by far her favorite activity to do with the lids.  I simply draw circles on her dry erase board and she lays out the lids on the circles.  You can definitely make it harder for an older toddler by having them to complete a pattern that you start too!

Free Play/Design.  When I started thinking about what to use the lids for, I went straight to the little inventor herself.  She said, “Look.  You can make a face”.  Encourage your child’s imagination and ask them what to do with the lids! 

Color Sorting.  It’s an easy toddler activity – probably a little too easy for a toddler of Sophia’s age, but she still enjoys color sorting.  She practiced counting the lids as she put them in the right color cups too.

Stacking.  We’re still working on Sophia’s fine motor skills – you know the whole “toddlers are stronger than they think they are” thing.  So stacking the baby food pouch lids was a tedious job but it made her work slowly and patiently to get them to stay.  I tried to get her to stack them higher, but she would only put the colors with like colors!

Can you think of any other toddler activities using baby food pouch lids or do you do any others that I didn’t mention?  Share!

I am an Earth’s Best blogger.  No compensation for this post has been given, but I may be eligible for additional rewards in the future.

  1. Do you remove the plastic parts that were part of the seal? If so how did you do it? I have tried cutting it and did not seem to help much. I have a ten month old, so we are just starting activities so I have them in a tall container and I hold it and she pulls them out. As she does I tell her the color and also sign it to her. I can't wait to do these suggestions with her.
  2. This is cute! My mom was a kindergarten teacher and she'd always save lids like this so her kids could sort and do different things. This is great!!

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