Three Happy Trees #ClothDiapers and Wool – #FluffyXmas Sponsor Spotlight

CoversMerry Fluffy Christmas is a-coming!  This will be 3rd Annual Giveaway Hop dedicated to Prize Packages ALL devoted to cloth diapers and ALL worth over $50!  When I started thinking of what I wanted to put together for you all this year, I knew I wanted a Cloth Diapering with Wool Package.  Why?  Well, nothing is quite as fluffy as a wool covered bum!

My first Sponsor is no stranger here on SEBG.  I’ve been using Three Happy Trees Wool Soakers since Sophia was 9 months old – actually it was the first wool I ever used!  Mandi was so kind and helped me through my fears so much!

I mainly use wool covers and fitteds for nighttime – it’s the only thing that keeps Moreaya’s sheets dry in the morning {as was the same with Sophia.}  And if you ask me what kind of wool is my favorite – I’ll always point you in Mandi’s direction and her Three Happy Trees Etsy Shop.  It’s a nice plus that she’s semi-local, about 3 hours away and I’m determined to meet her one day!

Cloth Diaper Wool Longies

So, what makes Three Happy Trees Wool my favorite?  Price, Style, WAHM made, and Function.  I think that about covers it!  Because she upcycles sweaters, the price is considerably more affordable than “wool suppliers”.  If you see a soaker for $60 on the market, well, leave it there.  I’m sorry, but those pricey items don’t do anything that my lovely little longies do – they repel liquids and keep my daughter warm {in the winter} and cool {in the summer} for a fraction of the price – those pretty ones above?  $18.

Moreaya’s longies are the latest wool item that I’ve bought.  I decided to go with a pair of longies because they’ll serve a dual purpose – diaper cover and pajama pants!  I couldn’t resist that print either!

Along with Wool Soakers and Longies, Mandi also carries a line of Wool Wash Bars and makes her own Lanolin as well!  I’ve reviewed both of those in the past too!  You can find all of these products in her Etsy Shop.

If you want to know more about using Wool with Cloth Diapers OR how to take care of it, be sure to visit my Wool FAQs.

I told you MFC was coming up… right?  Well, get ready because one lucky SEBG reader is going to win a Three Happy Trees Wool Soaker, Wool Wash Bar, and Lanolin!


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