The Sparkling Truth about Motherhood

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Glaceau fruitwater®.

From the outside, looking in motherhood is totally rosy.  Don’t get me wrong, it is pretty grand.  But there are times when I think, “Really?  Realllly…


You know the time when Sophia littered our entire living room with crinkled red paper.

Perhaps I had those thoughts on days like this one when I let go of control so a toddler can experiment with using a spoon.


Or when crazy shenanigans always seem to happen around the Tide box!?  Like a mouse being hidden by Sophia or Miss Moreaya {being way too quiet one morning} trying to wash cloth diapers herself!?

But guess what – those moments are very few and far between.  Ok, not that far between because my house is completely wild and crazy with two girls that are 18 months and 3, but totally worth it


But that is indeed the #sparklingtruth of being a mother, isn’t it?  Even when things aren’t going quite so bubbly, we wouldn’t trade our life for anything else in the world.  That doesn’t mean I don’t need to take a few moments for myself every now and then.  Honestly, I think that’s what helps with my carefree, laugh at it now because you’ll definitely be laughing about it in 5 years, attitude. 


I try to live with the rememberance to not take everything so seriously, to kick my feet up, enjoy the bubbly {even if it’s not champs}, and live life with them not only just watching them.


Some of my favorite moments with the girls are happening outside this Summer and I’ve been enjoying them with a new sparkling beverage too! 

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What’s your Sparkling Truth?

Glaceau fruitwater® is a great tasting, naturally flavored sparkling water beverage that contains no juice.

Now that you’ve read about my “sparkling truth”, it’s time to share yours! A sparkling truth is a moment when you sparkle through unexpected challenges, brushing yourself off in a bubbly style. How do you sparkle on when life throws you a curve ball? Leave a comment on this post or jump in the conversation on social media by tagging your amplification with the hashtag, #sparklingtruth.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Glaceau fruitwater®.

  1. OMG! i cannot wait to let go of control to my baby to be ! you have cute kids ! it is so nice to have one day or let's say half day and let the kids do whatever they want :) thanks for reminding me of this idea . i cannot wait till my baby will be on my hands . 
    1. Aww, thank you Rama!  I know - I'm looking forward to the day where I can walk more than 5 feet away too.  ;)  But for now, I'll enjoy the splashing on my feet! 

  2. ok, sorry- but I completely lol'd over the confetti. Mostly because, my three year old did something similar the other night. With spaghetti noodles. All over the kitchen. And dining room. Have you ever tried to sweep or vaccuum up uncooked spaghetti noodles?? Doesn't work. I swear I had to pick up each one by hand, or so it seemed lol. I'm still finding pieces of noodles hidden in corners, days later!
    1. Oh, Amy!  SPAGHETTI NOODLES?  Soooo much worse than this little paper confetti, for real!  It was actually pretty easy to clean up and I COULDN'T get mad because I was so shocked that my little angel would do such a thing!

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