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The Importance of Buying Organic Plants and Seeds

I was inspired to write this post about the importance of buying organic plants and seeds after partnering with The Home Depot Going Organic. I’ve received products and advice on how to make the best of my Organic Garden this year.

Buying Organic Plants and Seeds

We’ve planted a container garden every Summer since we’ve lived in our house. Some Springs we started our vegetables from seed and sometimes we went out and bought plants that were already started. 

There’s something fun about seeing so many plants come from a packet of seeds. It’s such an inexpensive way to start a garden, but not always the easiest. That’s why often times we buy plants that are already have a bit of growth and maturity on them.

In the past, we’ve purchased our plants from a local greenhouse. We know that they raise their seeds and plants without any type of chemicals. But, what about those sold in major stores? 

Well, honestly before I started this campaign with The Home Depot, I had never really thought about the seeds or plants that are classified as organic or not.

Buying Organic Seeds

I assumed that if you purchased any seeds or plants, as long as you brought them up organically, well, they would be organic. This isn’t  entirely true. 

I didn’t realize that seeds that aren’t labeled as organic {as well as plants} may come from seeds that have been genetically modified. So, now that I’m a bit more aware on subject, I’ve decided that we’ll always be purchasing organic plants and seeds in the future!

Lucky for me, The Home Depot had me covered in both buying organic plants and seeds!  They have become my organic gardening supplier!

buying organic plants

I love to browse, touch, smell my plants before buying. I don’t know, there’s just something about picking out that exact plant that you think will be the best one. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get that opportunity to do that with the Bonnie Organic Plants, as they’re only sold online at  {Hopefully through enough purchases, they’ll get the idea that we’d love to have organic plant options in stores too!

So, I browsed the organic varieties online and chose a few of my favorites.


We love are obsessed with tomatoes, so I got a 4 pack of those, along with a 4 pack of herbs {first time herb grower here!}, and a fun Pico and Salsa Mix that came with a Jalapeno, 2 Tomato Plants, and Cilantro – perfect for fresh salsa!

At $18.48/box {each box contains 4 plants}, organic plants do run a bit more than regular, but knowing that they’re not GMO plants/seeds makes me very happy. My order shipped free {over $45.00 orders ship free} and arrived on my doorstep only 3 days later, which makes this shopping experience almost just as good as shopping myself


It rained the whole day and day after the plants arrived, so they had to wait a bit before getting in the ground.  Sophia was extremely excited to get the garden planted, almost as much as Rob and me. 

As soon as the sun came out a couple of days later, we got to digging!


I loved the packaging for the Bonnie Organic Plants. The only part we had to throw away was the plastic around them, for shipping purposes. 

The plants are in a bio-degradable container that can be put straight into the ground too!

Buying Organic Plants and Seeds

After we planted all of our shipped organic plants, we decided we needed a few more things. 

I went to our local Home Depot to get a few seeds and a plant for our front landscaping. I loved that they had some of the Summer Projects up in store, like the container garden below.


It was full of lettuce and herbs, which made me buy a few organic lettuce seed packets!

I can’t wait to show you just how our organic garden is doing… but you have to wait just another week or so!   Until then…

Do you purchase organic plants and seeds for your garden? 
Do you think it’s an important choice to consider, if you haven’t already switched to all organic vegetable gardening?

Reflecting on Our Organic Gardening Journey

Tuesday 28th of May 2013

[...] The Importance of Buying Organic Plants and Seeds [...]


Monday 6th of May 2013

Great to know I can order organic plants online. I really like knowing the food I grow for my family is the best I can provide.

Stacey W.

Monday 6th of May 2013

I never really thought about whether seeds were organic or not! Good to know they have them at Home Depot... thanks!

Maegan L.

Monday 6th of May 2013

I didn't know you could buy orgnic seeds, much less at Home Depot. Thanks.


Monday 6th of May 2013

It makes so much more sense to buy organic plants and seeds for your own garden. I can't imagine buying anything else. I don't garden well (black thumb!), but I do love trying. Going organic from the seeds up is a great way to keep chemicals out of your food.