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The Hilarious Differences of Parenting First Child vs Second Child

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As my girls get older, I am absolutely amazed at how different they are. I guess it’s the Psychology background in me that often wonders if they were destined [or biologically pre-determined] to be the little ladies that they are becoming or if I am shaping their personalities a certain way.

Without getting into too much of a nature-nurture debate with myself, I tend to think it’s a little of both. Sophia has always been an independent, exceptionally smart child who is curious about everything around her. Moreaya? My free spirit that goes with the flow and buzzes from one activity to another… and loves to make me laugh.

Sisters and Differences

So, are their opposite personalities emerging because they were always meant to be or is it maybe because of some of the hilarious differences in parenting between the two?

First child drops pacifier. It’s immediately picked up and not returned until it’s thoroughly sanitized. Second child drops pacifier and the 5 second rule applies… or a quick blow to rid the germs and it’s popped back in the mouth.

First baby is sleeping, but it’s time for her to eat. Of course you wake her up, schedules are so important for infants! Second child sleeps through scheduled feeding… and so do you!

Sprout Organics Toddler

Clothes? First child was always dressed pressed and perfect. Second child is lucky to get something other than pajamas and when she insists on wearing a puffy vest with no shirt and a ridiculous poofy orange hairbow, I’m simply glad she’s decided to wear clothes today.

I could go on and on, and yes, I’m bringing out the differences in a silly way. Of course, Moreaya is not neglected, but it is fun to look at the differences of how I parented my two girls and wonder if that is the reason they are so different, or if their differences actually influenced the way I’ve parented them.

One way my children are the same [and believe it or not, they have been treated alike in more ways than they have different, but those don’t make the funniest of stories!] is in the way they’ve been fed. One area that I won’t play around with is the food that they are served.

Since the moment I found out I was pregnant with Sophia, I started eating different and from the moment she started eating solid foods, she ate different and so did her little sister. I always reached for organic and baby foods that didn’t use additives or fillers.

Even now as they get older and start to see other foods on store shelves, they still prefer real food and snacks, just because that’s what they are used to me buying. They still see some fruits as “treats” and I’m happy to oblige when they request them anytime.

That’s why, as Moreaya approaches the end of her “3’s”, she continues to request pouches full of organic fruits at snack times.

Toddler Snack Basket

Stay tuned because next week I’ll be sharing how I created our snack station and how you can too, to encourage your child and their independence and healthy snacking choices.

The Sprout Organics toddler snack pouches are one of her favorites and mine too. They’re yummy, which makes them her favorite, and I know exactly what’s in them [USDA certified organic fruits] and exactly what’s not… no additives, fillers, flavors, or acid preservatives. I also know that they are non-GMO and the pouches themselves are BPA free.

Sprout Organics on the Go

We’re on the go most of the time, between Kindergarten drop-off and pick-up, soccer practice, and daily errands, so I love having a refrigerator and snack basket full of healthy, organic snack choices for Moreaya at all times, which is why I always have Sprout Organics pouches on hand.

With flavors like Apple+Blueberry, Peach+Banana+Pumpkin+Quinoa, and Plum+Apple+Blueberry+Superfruit, and many more, there’s always a pouch ready to be grabbed from our snack basket.

How did you parent your first and second [or third and fourth] children different? In what ways did you parent them the same?

Elizabeth Johnson

Wednesday 21st of October 2015

I really enjoyed reading this blog. Thank you so much for the share. I can relate with you in many ways.

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