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The Cloth Swim Diaper Story that You’ll Never Forget

I was inspired to tell you of this story because I am so thankful my Charlie Banana swim diaper didn’t fail me.  I was sent it for review, but believe me, that’s not why I love it.  You’ll see…


You see that cute little cherry swimsuit bottom above? Yeah, that’s a cloth swim diaper! That’s one thing I love about cute swim diapers is that you don’t actually need to fool with covering them up with bathing suit bottoms. 

Ok, so that’s not the point of this post – you want to hear the story, right?  Alright, let’s get to it!

When I was shopping at our local Target a few months ago, I was shocked and so excited to see Charlie Banana cloth diapers on an endcap. I had heard rumors that they were being picked up in stores, but I never expected to see them in rural east Tennessee. 

I was so excited that I snapped a pic, shared on instagram and then bought a Swim Diaper – even though it was just the middle of March and Moreaya didn’t really need one.


Fast forward a few months {which is a few weeks ago in present time} when we were splashing away at a local water park. Moreaya was having just as much fun as her Big Sister in the water.

It came time to go, so I took the girls into a Family Dressing Room to change out of their swimsuits. Moreaya was wearing her Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Swim Diaper {it doubles as a Training Pant – more on that in a bit} and since it’s a pull-on type swim diaper, I just started pulling it right off. 

Life Lesson #783 – Always check your child’s swim diaper before casually pulling it down.

Yep, disaster. Can I just say that the word “plop” has a totally new feel to it for me now?!

Let’s look at the situation positively, which I did AFTER the mess was cleaned up… that could have ended up in the pool. Could you imagine the embarassment? I cringe thinking of that scenario. 

Let’s just say this – Moreaya pretty much always has a Charlie Banana Swim Diaper on now.

Because I know firsthand that it holds everything in.  And I mean everything.


Although it may have been a bit less messy if the swim diaper had side closures – like snaps or aplix, I’m not veering away from my CB Swim Diapers. They’re tried and true.

This product is also marketed as a Training Pant. It’s a bit unique from other swim diapers as it does have a small cotton inner so it will absorb a bit of liquid, although it’s not enough to weigh down the diaper for your child when they are swimming.

Moreaya, at 23 lbs, wears the size Large {21-27 lbs} and it fits her perfectly. 

There’s actually a small drawstring so you can get the perfect fit if your child’s waist is small. I’m excited that not only will these work for her this Summer, but will also transition with her when she’s ready to start potty training.

You can purchase Charlie Banana Swim Diapers, and other Cloth Diaper products, on their website and at a variety of retailers. Be sure to check your local Target to see if they’re carrying CB’s yet!

Amanda A

Saturday 6th of July 2013

we bought a CB swim diaper and LOVE it!!! 

Melissa H.

Saturday 22nd of June 2013

Which Target had them?? I live nearby you, I think. I'm in west Knoxville! Haven't seen the CBs at the Target we usually go to, but maybe the Super Target doesn't have them?


Wednesday 26th of June 2013

Melissa, I actually bought these at a more rural Target.  I have a friend that lives in Knoxville that found them at one of the Targets - maybe in Clinton, I think?  They are only in certain stores.

Anna F

Thursday 20th of June 2013

We have a swim diaper that only snaps on one side. When it is being washed, we use a delaminated diaper (without holes in it) as a swim diaper. It contains everything that needs to be contained and snaps on both sides. I just wrote about it on my site...


Wednesday 26th of June 2013

Thanks for sharing, Anna!  I have a few others that work well too, but these are just my favorite!  Love the idea of using a delaminated cover though.