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Aplix Cloth Diapers vs Snaps Cloth Diapers: Which is Better?

It’s the debate that divides passionate people. It’s the debate that will have you arguing with your friends until late at night. Which side will you be on – aplix cloth diapers or cloth diapers with snaps? All kidding aside, there are definite pros and cons to each.

aplix cloth diapers or snap cloth diapers - which is better

When you first start contemplating cloth diapers, it’s bound to come up pretty soon in the conversation – Aplix or Snaps?  The thing is – cloth diaper users can be quite strong on their stance too – especially those Snap Snobs. This post is obviously a light look at cloth diaper closures, but it is a good conversation to have especially when you’re new to cloth diapering.

What is aplix?

Aplix is simply the term for the “velcro” on a diaper – don’t get confused by different terms you may see, like aplix and “hook and loop”. Velcro is simply a copyrighted name so cloth diaper manufacturers can’t use it.

It’s also important to realize that almost every cloth diaper maker uses different types of snaps and a different type of aplix.  Just because you like Tots Bots aplix, doesn’t mean you will automatically be a fan of GroVia’s. In fact, those two diapers and their aplix closure are VERY different. And the same goes for cloth diapers with snaps. Most manufacturers use different snaps as well.

child wearing aplix cloth diapers and snap cloth diaper

Now that Moreaya is 14 months, I feel like I can get a great fit with both type of closures. For newborn cloth diapers, I definitely prefer aplix, but it’s simply a personal choice. I think those diapers go on faster, easier, and give a more personal fit for an itty bitty baby.

toddler wearing cloth diaper with snaps

Cloth Diapers with Snaps


  • More durable than aplix, allows diapers to last through more than one child
  • Children can’t usually undo snaps


  • Sometimes hard to get an in-between the snaps good fit

Cloth Diapers with Aplix


  • Faster Diaper Changes
  • Most closely resembles disposable diapers


Both diapers in this post are bumGenius Freetimes. I purchased the Dazzle in the aplix closure a few months ago and then was sent the Dazzle with snaps for review. Right now, I like to reserve the aplix for the the diaper bag, just because I still get a faster change with aplix, and the snap version for at-home, especially nap times. And here’s why…

<child unhooking aplix cloth diaper

Yep!  That’s why… when little fingers get coordinated and curious, sometimes snaps are just safer!

baby laying in crib with doll wearing cloth diaper

Because, believe me, you don’t want that little aplix coming undone during a nap!

I want to hear from YOU – which do you prefer – Cloth Diapers with Aplix or Snaps?!

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