Take a Stroll Through Murphy, NC with a Summer Infant Stroller #3DLiteStrollerTour

Thanks to Summer Infant for providing a Summer Infant Stroller for the Stroller Tour to facilitate this post and to Jamie from Momma Without a Clue for this review!

There’s nothing I like more than going for a walk at the end of the day with my family. It helps bring us closer together, winds the kids down so they’re ready for the bedtime routine when we get back home, and is just a peaceful way to end our hectic days.


Recently. we were sent a 3D lite Stroller from Summer Infant to review, and not a moment too soon I might add. While my baby girl is still little compared to other 15 month-olds, toting around 18 pounds on my hip gets heavy after a while. Of course, I could let her walk since she’s perfected the toddle-toddle-wobble, but the goal of our evening walks is to relax. There’s just something less-than-calm about having to chase a tiny human through the park while trying to keep up a conversation.

This week, all of us have been sick with bronchitis (ew!) and haven’t really felt like taking a stroll. Luckily, we finally had an evening where we were all back to our normal selves and so the Fiance and I decided to take the little ones on a stroll through our town of Murphy, North Carolina.


The 3D lite Stroller was incredibly easy to set up, and only took me a couple of minutes. First, you snap on the wheels. This took me a second because I refuse to look at instruction manuals first, but once I noticed the little notches for each one, it was so quick! I just had to slide each wheel on, and there’s a loud click that lets you know they’re on there snug. Next, you have to attach the canopy. To do this, I opened the stroller up and then the canopy just slid right into the slots on each side. I love when baby gear is simple!


The stroller was all ready to go, and so were we! I live in a tiny town that shuts down by 5pm, so the first thing we did was head downtown to window shop.


Pointing out everything and telling my little people the names of it all not only teaches them, it encourages me to try harder when it comes to communicating with them. I know it sounds silly, but there’s times when I’m not even sure how to talk to kids (especially my own) and this is our way of talking to each other. I’ll show my three year old a neat rock, and it turns into some elaborate story from him about another kid at daycare.

Of course, the little man’s legs start getting tired after walking a while, so we stopped to rest at the gorgeous flower garden in the center of town. The 3D lite has great brakes, so when little man decided to push baby girl around, she didn’t budge. There’s even a basket underneath that’s big enough to hold the diaper bag so we had some snacks while we rested.


The last place that we took our new 3D lite Stroller was to Konehete Park, and the two mile River Walk that begins there.


The River Walk is a project that our town has been dedicated to since 2003 that wraps around the town with scenic pathways along the Valley and Hiwassee rivers that connect to form Lake Hiwassee. It’s such a serene stroll, that by the time we get back home, the kids are usually ready for bed!


About the 3D lite Convenience Stroller:
A lightweight umbrella stroller with all the great features you’d find in a full-sized stroller, the 3D lite offers so much at the great price of $79. I received the beautiful Hibiscus Pink, but it comes in six vibrant colors so you can get one that you will love!

Some of my favorite features include:

  • a large storage basket underneath the seat
  • an attachable cup-holder for Mommy
  • lockable rear wheels
  • multi-position recline (up to almost 180°!)
  • 5-point safety harness
  • rear storage pocket (so I don’t lose my keys!)


You can learn more about this stroller and all of the other great products from Summer Infant by visiting their website.  Then, make sure you follow them on their social media sites, including FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

The 3Dlite Stroller is available for purchase at all major Summer Infant retailers, including for $79.99.

The 3D lite Convenience Stroller is making stops in 12 different cities across North America, and I was lucky enough to be a part of the Summer Infant 3D lite Stroller Tour.

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Summer Infant Stroller

  1. I would love the tangerine color or black one.... We live out in the country and we need a stroller that is strong!!!
  2. I would pick Hibiscus Pink because i'm having a girl and it's just so girly! :) But there all beautiful!
  3. I would choose the Caribbean blue. I just love the blue tones. Too bad they didn´t have like a turquoise or blue-green tone. I would have loved that.
  4. I'd choose the caribbean blue stroller if I won. What a unique and fun color for either gender! We need a stroller for our baby girl. Thank you for the opportunity!
  5. I love the Tropical Green! I've kinda been on a green kick lately. It works for boys & girls, and while my littles that need strollers are boys, I hand down gently used items and never know who will need it. Versatility is a must.
  6. I really love the Lime one. Just so fun and bright. I would be able to spot it a mile away with the wondering hubby.
  7. I am in Canada so my choice is only the lime, which I do really like. If I could choose a different colour it would be either the hibiscus pink or Caribbean blue.
  8. We are about our have our first baby (a girl) so a color is tempting...but I would pick Black! Trying to stick to gender neutral in case #2 is a boy! Thank you! Amanda Avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com
  9. I would love the Tropical Green, I have been wanting this exact stroller for awhile now. I would love to win it!
  10. I would love to have the 3D lite™ Convenience Stroller (Tropical Green) Item #21640 - See more at:

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