Summer of Play with Green Toys

This post sharing our Summer of Play was inspired by Green Toys. I’m a Green Toys Ambassador because I support 100% Play. All opinions are my own.

Summer of Play

My girls and I have declared this summer as the Summer of Play around our house! Play has always been important for them, of course, but as this is the first Summer break from school, it means even more! Sophia is taking a break after her first year of school as a Kindergartner and Moreaya just finished her first year of preschool so the break has definitely been welcomed.

Green Toys in Pool

While we still have regular activities to do during the Summer, playing has been our priority. And possibly my favorite thing about our Summer of Play is that we don’t plan anything. If the girls want to play in our little pool, we put it up. If they want to play in their playroom inside, we do. Paint a picture? Ok! While I definitely like to have plans to make my day go more smoothly, this impromptu playing as been just what we needed!

Green Toys Dig and Discovery Set

A couple of months ago I shared a fun list of 30 different ways you can play with your child. While we’re playing a lot together this Summer too, the girls have had a blast discovering new ways to play with each other. We received an amazing shipment from Green Toys that have been so fun for them to incorporate in different ways of play, both inside and out. When Moreaya suggested digging in the pine needles with the Dig & Discover Set, I realized just how outside the box they can really think! While buckets and shovels may often be seen as sand, dirt, and maybe even water toys – we’ve been using them in a variety of play.

Green Toys Summer Sand Play

Green Toys Recycling Truck in a sand table? Apparently it’s one of the most fun things the girls had played with in their sand table. They thought up so many different scenarios while they were playing.

Green Toys Scooper Car

Green Toys are made with 100% play in mind. With the bright colors, distinct features and designs, they instantly convey the play message to any child that gets their hands on them. The minute that we pulled the Scooper out of it’s box, it was in sand, dirt, and even pine needles. When I challenged them to play outside in a totally new way, that’s exactly where they gravitated… to a part of our yard where they normally don’t play much, with pine needles covering the ground.

Green Toys Digging Pine Needles

Who knew that digging, scooping, and piling pine needles would provide such a long time of play, but it definitely did. One reason that Green Toys transition from different areas outside [and even back inside because they are dishwasher safe – hello, easy clean-up!] so easily is because of how they’re made and what they don’t have. The toys are simple, yet imaginative. They contain no batteries, screws, glue, or paint, which means they can go outside, inside, in water, in sand, and in dirt … all within a few minutes! And since they’re made from recycled plastic, right here in the USA, they’re built to last and will never scratch, chip or fade.

Of course, a few of their toys can be used very practically as well. Before the Watering Can found it’s way in the pool as a shower, Sophia used it to help me water the garden. It’s a morning activity that we love to do together and she loves that she can bring along her own gardening tools to help Mom.

Green Toys Watering Garden

While Green Toys is known for making 100% eco friendly toys, made from recycled materials all the way down to the boxes that they come in, they’re now being known as being made with 100% play and for good reason, as you can see.

Be sure to visit to find toys to inspire your child’s Summer of Play and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, and Pinterest for more play inspiration.

  1. We love our Green Toys!!! We received our first one in a Citrus Lane box and I fell in love! They are so durable. We have quite the collection started.

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