Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls: Organic Yogurt in an Edible Package!

I am a #StonyfieldBlogger and often get perks for being one.  I only share the brand because I am completely in love with their yogurt and all opinions expressed are 100% my own!

I have a brand new Stonyfield Organic product to share with you today and I promise my intention is not to make you jealous.  In fact, I felt a twinge of jealousy myself looking back at these pictures because I know I won’t have the chance to indulge in them again for awhile.  So, we can indulge in the delicious pictures [and a twinge of jealousy] together, ok?
Stonyfield PearlThat, my friends, is a Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearl.  The name pearl couldn’t describe these delicious little spheres any better.

The day my ultra exclusive Yogurt Pearls arrived, I had to share on instagram… had to.  I had to document these pearls because I knew they would quickly disappear.

Pearl Instagram

Before I share too many photos of these little pearls from Heaven, let me tell you exactly what they are.  You know they are organic yogurt because Stonyfield would produce nothing less, but these Frozen Yogurt Pearls are actually covered in a skin… an edible skin that most closely resembles the skin of a grape.  It’s fruity, a tiny bit chewy, and makes a delicious packaging for the creamy frozen yogurt hidden on the inside.

Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls

The idea has been decades in the making and Stonyfield Farm’s Co-Founder, Gary Hirshberg, couldn’t be happier with the results himself!  He’s been quoted in numerous articles [USA Today, Boston Globe, LA Times] that this is one of the first steps in Stonyfield’s dream of reducing environmental waste – including their plastic yogurt cups.  The Frozen Yogurt Pearls could actually be packaged in an edible packaging!  This is due to that unique skin, created by WikiFoods.

Stonyfield Yogurt Pearls Collage

There are a few different flavor combos – my favorite was definitely the Strawberry Chocolate – oh my yum!

So, why would this post make you jealous?  Well, it won’t if you live anywhere near the Boston, Massachusetts area because that’s where you can find the Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls… in 4 area Whole Foods stores.  But that’s the only place.  That is, until Boston shows Stonyfield how delicious these pearls are and that the whole country would love to have them!  So, if you’re in Boston do me a favor and buy them all up [and ship a few to me if you want, no pressure]!


Isn’t it amazing that Stonyfield Organic is moving towards creating products with sustainable packaging!?

What do you think about the Frozen Yogurt Pearls?

Let me hear it in the comments, let’s let Stonyfield Organic know we’d love to see the Pearls in our area too!

  1. Wow these would definitely save on pack waste and would be great to get one out of the freezer and enjoy, thank you for sharing this I wonder if they will ever be on the market, sound yummy to me
  2. They sound good - they look a little strange, though! But I would love to try them, I haven't noticed them, but now I'm going to be on the lookout. I love Stonryfield yogurt!

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