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Spring Butterfly Craft

There are some days that I miss working in child care. Not that I miss kids, because obviously I have two that keep me busy, but I miss the crafts. 

As the Director, I made sure that my staff and the children had a ton of craft supplies at their fingertips every day. Crafting is so important to kids. They feel a sense of accomplishment when they’ve created something. 


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Not to mention the joy they get with spending time actually making it.

So, lately I’ve been making Crafts at Home a priority – like it should be!

Along with crafts, Sophia has been doing lots of learning and has taken a huge interest in Science type activities. 

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know the she is quite obsessed with dinosaurs right now. In addition to dinosaurs, we’ve been studying lots of Spring type activities and animals too… including butterflies!


In my childcare center days, we always did this activity with the preschool kids. You can purchase a Cup of Live Caterpillars on Amazon – watch them grow, then when they make their cocoons, you transfer them to the butterfly net and wait for them to come out! 

Sophia has been fascinated with this and we’re waiting on our butterflies to come out any day now!

So, what better craft to make then a Spring Butterfly Craft!


This was a super simple project from start to finish and something Sophia could almost do completely by herself, with just a tiny bit of help from me. It’s amazing to see how independent she is when it comes to crafts now.


The supplies you need for this Spring Butterfly Craft will vary on how you decide to make it. 

You can use coffee filters and paint them or do water color drops like we did. You can even use colored tissue paper. The body of the butterfly can be a popsicle stick or a clothespin and decorating ideas are endless!


The girls love to use droppers with water colors and coffee filters are inexpensive and a great fiber for letting the colors really blend. Moreaya REALLY enjoyed squeezing the dropper!


While our coffee filter butterfly wings were drying, we worked on the butterfly’s body. 

Sophia chose to use a popsicle stick and decorated with blue antennae and googly eyes. We used Elmer’s School Glue Naturals, along with a couple of Elmer’s School Glue Sticks Naturals, in this craft. I really, really like this glue.  Not only does it perform just as well as their standard white glue, it’s green {in more ways than just the label color}.

The Elmer’s Naturals line is the first and only school glue made with naturally occurring ingredients AND recycled packaging! The pourable glue is made up of 99 percent natural ingredients. The primary ingredient in the adhesive is plants, specifically American-grown corn!

Although, just like with most natural products, the price point is a little higher than it’s original counterparts, the Elmer’s School Glue Naturals product line is affordable.

While all of our glued parts and painting were drying, Sophia and I talked about butterflies. What they ate, how they’ll come out of their cocoon, what we’ll do with them when they do… This little girl is full of questions!

My favorite question from the conversation…

What’s our Next Craft, Mom?


Do you regularly do Craft Time at Home with your Children?

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Jenny K

Sunday 19th of May 2013

Such a great idea Lindsey! I'm definitely going to do this with Grady on our next rainy day.


Wednesday 22nd of May 2013

Thanks Jenny!  Sophia is STILL playing with that little butterfly!


Tuesday 14th of May 2013

that's an adorable little craft for tots! i am putting this on our summer list. <3

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