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Space Saving + Zero Waste = Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker

When we moved into our 2 story house 5 years ago, I was elated at all the space we had. We need it, having 2 families living under 1 roof, and it felt so great to spread out.

Now, 5 years later I realize just how much space that is… and while this statement might possibly make me look lazy, ok it does, I always wish I had a way to have my morning cup of coffee without walking all the way downstairs!

  • Dolly Parton Mugs are from Mountain Laurel HOME in Dollywood.
  • Chalkboard Chipped Canisters are from Kirklands.
  • Mug Rack and Bucket are from IKEA
  • Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker is from Walmart.
  • Table was made by my husband.

So, yes, this beautiful coffee bar was born out of laziness, but I’m so happy it was because it adds to our upstairs space so well! Not to mention, I can have a hot cup of coffee whenever I want!

The real hero of this coffee bar is definitely my new Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker. I love the slim design and the stainless steel look for a modern and clean feel. I feel like it pairs nicely with the farmhouse look as well. I don’t have one style of decor as I tend to blend because while I love the trendy farmhouse look, I definitely don’t like clutter.

Along with the perfect size for any space, I absolutely love the fact that this coffee maker is zero waste! There’s no need for disposable K-cups with this machine – the scoop actually fits right into the brewer!

This also means no need for disposable filters!

With two main sizes – a regular mug and travel mug – on the scoop, you get exactly the size cup of coffee you want.

You can also choose between a regular brew mode and bold – where the water drips slower to get a richer cup. And there’s hardly any wait for either – a cup brews in less than 90 seconds!

You can find the Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker at Walmart today – order online and pick up in your store or have it delivered with free 2-day shipping.