Softbums Cloth Diaper System

Tip of the Day:  Enjoy your fluff!  Make sure you buy (or win!) the cutest diapers that you can find because I promise you… when you get them out of the washer/dryer, they will make you smile!

I hope everyone has enjoyed my first blog event!  I hope I’ve brought to you some old laundry favorites and introduced you to new brands/companies/artists that you’ll support in the future.  I couldn’t end the event any other way than spotlighting a fabulous diaper, a hard-working and sweet cloth diaper store owner, and a chance to win some lovely fluff for your babe (and for you to launder!)

Cute N Fluffy Cloth Diapers is an online store that sells a variety of cloth diapers, cloth diaper detergent, and other accessories.  Jessica is currently busy stocking her store and updating the website, so all orders are being conducted through the store’s Facebook page.

When I found Jessica, I discovered that she and her family were preparing to re-locate and it just so happens that they will be moving very close to my hometown!  I’m very excited because not only have I made a great contact with an awesome lady who loves CD’s as much as me, but our local cloth diaper store shut down a couple of months ago, so I’m *hoping* she decides to open a storefront so I can drool over fluff in person!  Jessica has been a gem to work with and she kindly offered to sponsor a review for a Softbums Omni, at no cost to facilitate this review!  This is one of the most recent line of diapers that she carries in her store!

Softbums Omni

Have you tried a Softbums diaper yet?  If you haven’t, I promise you that you’re missing out!  I was lucky enough to win my first Softbums diaper, which was probably a good thing since I’m a bit leary about trying new diapers… I tend to stick with ones that I love.  These diapers are fantastic!

Softbums recently came out with the Omni System which made their diapers even better!  Now, not only can they be used as an AI2, which was the main purpose of the original Echo Shell, but they can be used as a Cover and a Pocket! I will admit, I still primarily use them as the AI2 system, because it works so well, but I have found myself stuffing the pocket a few times!  When I opened the package from Cute N Fluffy Diapers and saw that Jessica sent us the new Miss Kitty print, I squealed with delight and immediately went to prepping!

Softbums Miss Kitty Print

Why I Love the Softbums Omni:  The versatility of this diaper is amazing.  I absolutely love the fact that I can snap in the inserts and use it as a pocket.  Speaking of inserts… the Super Dry Touch Pods are incredibly absorbent.  I trust them when we’re in public and even at nap times!

This diaper is also incredibly trim and I think that is mostly because of the way this One-Size diaper adjusts.  They have a unique Slide2Size system, which uses a toggle (that hides in the front of the diaper) to adjust the leg elastic.  This is the ONLY diaper that I really believe would fit a tiny newborn.  They advertise it to fit 6-35 lbs, and I truly believe it will.

  1. These are the diapers that I ordered to being my cloth diaper journey! I liked the idea of the toggle and the diversity of the diaper. Let's see how it goes!

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