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SodaSense: An Easier Way to Exchange CO2 Bottles

Enjoy your at-home soda and sparkling water machine but hate the hassle of exchanging CO2 bottles? Yeah, me too! But now it’s easy with SodaSense. 

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Have you jumped on the sparkling water train yet? I’ve seen so many ladies raving about their love of bubbly water and I’ve tried several kinds myself. I just hate to buy cans or bottles when I know it can get pretty expensive and wasteful. 

Because it got me thinking – our family doesn’t buy single plastic water bottles so why should I be buying single serve sparkling water cans and bottles?!

You’ve likely heard about at-home sparkling water machines. They’ve been around for quite a few years now and one of those most popular is Sodastream.

In fact, I had one many years ago and loved it. I loved having something on hand to tame those bubbly cravings. But, exchanging the CO2 bottles that came with the machine was anything but convenient.

But that’s all changing now thanks to Soda Sense. Soda Sense CO2 bottles fit perfectly inside the Sodastream machine, but are so much more convenient to exchange… because you never have to leave home! 

Soda Sense will send you a box with a prepaid label to return your empty CO2 bottles. It’s so easy, affordable, and convenient with 3 different plans to choose from. 

Depending on how often you drink soda or sparkling water at home, you’ll decide on which plan is best for you. The simplest way to explain these plans is how many bottles [and empty bottles] you want at home on-hand at any given time.

  • If you like to be ahead of the game, the The Prepper Package is for you. You’ll always have 2 full CO2 bottles on hand.
  • The Lone Gunner Package is for you if you’d like to keep just 1 spare bottle on hand, to be sure you never run out of sparkling water at home.
  • The Member Package is the perfect way to take advantage of the convenience of Soda Sense without tying up too much money in exchanges – just exchange when you need to with the convenient pre-paid label and Soda Sense box.

If the at-home soda machine is new to you, here’s the quick rundown of how to use it [spoiler – it’s SO easy]! The machine itself does not run off electricity or batteries and it’s slim and takes up a very small amount of space.

This also means it travels well! All you need to make sparkling water at home is the machine with included water bottle and a can of CO2.

The CO2 turns regular filtered water into sparkling water with just a couple pushes of a button! This is why having CO2 bottles on hand, easy to exchange, is imperative to having a better experience with at-home soda machines!

If you’re ready to enjoy sparkling water or soda at home with ease and convenience, now is the time with Soda Sense!

If you’ve been frustrated with how difficult it can be to find CO2 drop-off and exchange locations in the past, this service is for you!