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Shimmer and Shine Costumes: DIY Jewel Bracelet Cuffs

Do your kids love Shimmer and Shine? They’ll love making their own DIY jewel bracelet cuffs for Shimmer and Shine costumes. They’re easy, affordable, and fun to make!


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Do your kiddos love Shimmer and Shine? It’s one of my girls’ current favorites and I admit that I love it too. It’s a positive show that I feel good about the girls watching, which is the most important thing about a program these days. While the girls love the show for the zany antics that Shimmer and Shine ultimately always end up getting into, they are also totally into the fashion. I have two girls that are completely entranced with the two genies’ bright colored hair and accessories!


The Shimmer costume that we recently bought for dress-up fun at home came with so many extras including the shirt with attached vest and pants. It also comes with a pink wig, with jewels attached, a necklace, and gold cuffs! While both of the  Shimmer and Shine costumes come with adorable gold cuffs, the girls wanted to make more so we turned this fashionable accessory into a fun craft.


Blulu 600 Pieces 6 to 10 mm Acrylic Craft Jewels Flatback Rhinestones Heart Star Square Oval and Round Gems Gemstone Embellishments, Assorted ColorBlulu 600 Pieces 6 to 10 mm Acrylic Craft Jewels Flatback Rhinestones Heart Star Square Oval and Round Gems Gemstone Embellishments, Assorted Color

While the girls seem to want to pretend their super hero cuffs at times, they love the stylish addition to any dress-up costume. It’s a relatively easy and inexpensive craft that your children can make in a few minutes and have their own Shimmer and Shine costumes to wear any time.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Empty Toilet Paper Tubes
  • Gold Acrylic Paint
  • Glue
  • Plastic Jewels

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First, you’ll want to brush your empty toilet paper tubes with gold acrylic paint. It takes just a few minutes for these to dry.

Once they are dry, you’ll want to cut your tubes. For Sophia, who is 6, I simply cut the toilet paper tube down the side. For Moreaya, who’s arm is a bit smaller at 4 years old, I cut out a small section to make the tube smaller, as well as cut a little length off. There’s really no right or wrong way to size them.


Lastly, let your child glue on the plastic jewels with any design they choose!


Whether your little Shimmer and Shine kiddos are getting ready for Halloween or just a day of dress up, she’ll be ready to go with these DIY Jewel Bracelet Cuffs. They would also make great accessories and crafts for a fun Shimmer and Shine birthday party!