Shaping Up for Spring with Aurorae Yoga Apparel

Coming up in just a few days, we have an Event that is going to get you moving and grooving {or at least your fingers as you enter giveaways}!  Shaping Up for Spring is a Giveaway Hop that will hopefully inspire you to jump off the couch {or computer chair} for a few minutes of your day.  It’s the latest Event from the Blogging Mamas Network and I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ll enjoy.

Within the Grand Prize, is a sponsor that has grown close to me.  I’ve worked with them in the past and have had nothing but the best experiences with them.

Yoga Apparel

When Aurorae Yoga decided to launch an apparel line, I was honored that they asked me to try it out!

Yoga Pants

Yoga was one of my favorite activities when I was pregnant with both girls.  I really think it helped me tremendously, especially during my second pregnancy with Moreaya because I did it from the very beginning {well, before I even knew I was pregnant} and right up to about 34 weeks.  I probably could have continued longer, but my belly was big and a lot of the positions that we were doing in my class were uncomfortable for me.

I attribute my activity in my Yoga class as to what helped me not gain as much weight with Moreaya too.  I feel like by staying active while I was pregnant, I kept my body in better shape both during my pregnancy and was easier for my body to recover after giving birth.

Even though Yoga is often seen as a cool down, relaxing type sport, it is absolutely a work out – if you want it to be.  There have been plenty of times that my yoga session has ended in me sweating.

Yoga Apparel

Although I’ve been a bit of a hermit this Winter, well, not really but it certainly feels that way in terms of exercise – I feel like Yoga is one of those things I can just pick back up at any time.  Sure, it takes a bit of time to get back to my flexibility that I had when I was practicing 3-4 times a week, but it still feels great.

Aurorae Yoga Apparel

My new Aurorae Yoga Apparel might just be the jump start I need to get back into my daily meditation/yoga time.

  • High quality Lenzing Modal® Fabric is made with an Eco – Friendly, Carbon – Neutral process from 100% rejuvenation Beech Wood trees
  • Lush, soft with seams on outside for no skin irritation
  • High breathability with wicking capabilities for high energy activities
  • Made in USA with great personal service & products guaranteed by owner.

I love knowing that Aurorae Yoga is as dedicated to the environment as they are to the practice of yoga.  Their pants are no exception!  These are definitely the softest yoga apparel that I’ve ever felt.  It’s actually quite surprising just how soft they really are.

With the wicking capabilities, I’m definitely thinking I need a pair of the capris for when I start running again in a few weeks.

My pants haven’t faded at all, but I did notice a bit of shrinking in the length so I may have tumble dried too warm the first time I washed them.

You can purchase the line of Aurorae Yoga Apparel on their website, as well as on Amazon for $39.99.


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  2. I've never been a big yoga fan, I'm more of a kick box kinda gal...but in all for super soft exercise gear! These look really nice.

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