How to Save Time and Money by Switching to Paperless Coupons

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Lounging with Coupons

I have a confession to make – I’m frugal, but I am the world’s worst coupon-er.  The worst.  I tried it, I really did.  I went every Sunday and bought a couple of newspapers for a few months.  I really tried to follow the coupon blogs and match up with their ideas and triple savers.  I tried to buy a cute-sy binder and lug it with me to the store every day.  I tried… and failed miserably.

I loathed the time I wasted driving to a store to buy a newspaper and I loathed the time it took to meticulously cut out all those coupons that I hardly ever used because I didn’t need the items.  And I dusted my hands of the coupon craze and went about my business of not saving money [and it hurt my frugal heart, it really did].

Walgreens App Collage

When I heard that one of my favorite stores was introducing a totally new way, a green way, of couponing – I fell in love with the word “paperless coupons“.  Ah!  Green and easy – y’all know that is how I like it!

And easy they are – I found the ability to clip coupons right in my Walgreens App and connected the coupons to my Balance Rewards [which is also safely inside my app, no need for a membership card].

Clipping the coupons is so easy, I literally did it while Sophia was swimming away during her swimming lessons !  Lounging by the pool is the only way to coupon, by the way, so much more fun.  The process is super simple too – all I did was open up the Walgreens app and scroll through the coupons for the week.  Click “Clip to Card” and they are on automatically.

Paperless Coupons from Walgreens Collage

Each coupon can only be used once, so once my Balance Rewards card is scanned, via the app, it is deleted from my list.  I clipped a few different things while I was poolside and one I was super excited about was the Walgreens Lip Balm.  I had been wanting to try this type for awhile and couldn’t resist with a great paperless coupon.

Lip Gloss Walgreens Aisle

During my trip, I also picked up a little sweet treat for the girls, since they did so well at Swimming Lessons, and a pack of batteries [complete with a $3 off paperless coupon – score!] for their new play kitchen.

Even if I wasn’t the world’s worst coupon-er, I would still totally be on board with the Walgreens app and ability to clip paperless coupons.  I save time – I can literally clip my coupons anywhere, any time AND no longer have to use my Sunday mornings for a newspaper run.  I also save money – no more buying newspapers that I don’t need AND I’m still saving money with coupons!  I’m also living green-er thanks to this easy switch from paper to paperless coupons – no wasting gas for those newspaper sales AND less paper is being bought!

So, what are we doing with all this extra Time and Money?

Fun Family Time Collage

Now with all the time and money we’re saving by going paperless, we’re enjoying more family time – trips to the park and Chuck E. Cheese.  But I’m convincing hubby that we’re truly saving enough for another Beach Trip… and more Date Nights at the Beach!

Date Night

Because, well, why not!?

How would using paperless coupons help you?  Better yet – what will YOU do with the extra time and money you save?


  1. I'm a big fan of paperless coupons, and I use an online service that works at most of the grocery stores I shop at. I do have a Walgreen's card, but I don't shop there often enough to take advantage of the savings. But I'm hoping this paperless trend continues!
  2. I was a couponing failure, too. Glad the paperless coupons fit into your life and allow you that extra time and savings to do the fun stuff with your family. #client

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