Rockin Green Review

Tip of the Day: Rockin’ Green recommends stripping your diapers when you begin using their detergent.  They suggest you do this by 1 of 2 methods (top loading washer or bathtub), described here.  Another “stripping” method is using Dawn detergent (blue version only!)  Why the blue version only?  I have no clue, but that’s what I’ve always read.  I put in a good tablespoon with my clean diapers and run wash cycles until there are no more suds (usually only 2 wash cycles with 1 extra rinse!).  I like to strip my diapers once every 2 months, or so, depending on stink issues!

How else would we kick off a Cloth Diapering Laundry Event?  Rockin’ Green is quite possibly the most popular (at least, most well known) cloth diapering laundry detergent on the market.  When you search for reviews, most are rave and have wonderful experiences with this detergent.

I am no exception!  Rockin’ Green has 3 great formulas for different water types (find out what you should use here) and the most yummy-rockin’-licious scents you can dream up!  I requested Smashing Watermelons in Classic Rock and the first thing that I did when I got them was… rocked a soak, of course!

Rockin' Green

My diapers were as clean as they’ve ever been when they finished their last tumble in the washer.  In all honesty, I haven’t found that Rockin’ Green is a “miracle worker” on my diapers, as my homemade detergent was producing the same results, but it is a nice bonus to smell something lovely in your laundry room while the diapers are washing!

Rockin’ Green has many other products in their line-up, including: the new Funk Rock (for those who have uncontrollable funkiness coming from their dipes), Pail Freshener, Laundry Scoops, Dryer Balls, and more!

Why I love Rockin’ Green:  I love the names and scents that RnG has to offer.  I really feel like Rockin’ Green is the “too cool for school” cloth diapering laundry detergent!

  1. I love Rockin' green soap! I know i'm way too late for the giveaway, which is a bummer. but I still wanted to post anyway. have you tried the athletic wear formula? It's the best.
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