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[a review of] The Home Depot Sizzle and Smoke Grill from Step2

I am a Step2 Ambassador and am partnering with Step2 for the following review. I received a product in exchange for my review and honest opinion.

You may remember a few weeks ago I announced that I was chosen as one of Step2’s 2014 Ambassadors!  I am so excited to be working closely with a brand that was already a favorite of my family’s this year!  Throughout the year, I’ll be sharing product reviews, giveaways, sales, and even more from Step2!  Today, we’re kicking off Spring with a brand new Spring product from Step2!

Review Grill CollageAs soon as Sophia caught glimpse of this grill online, she asked if that’s what we could choose to review.  I couldn’t say “No” because I think I thought it was cooler than she did!  A grill that actually smokes and sizzles?  Yes, please!  Every day after I asked her to help me choose a toy to review from the new Spring line, Sophia asked, “Is my grill here today?”  She doesn’t forget anything.

So, when the grill was delivered during nap time one day, I could not wait to see her face!

Excited GrillIt was like Christmas in February!  She was so excited that she didn’t want to wait on Daddy, who usually does all the toy assembly, so we got right to it!

Building the Grill CollageThe instructions were very easy to understand – pictures are so much better than words!  There weren’t too many small parts to assemble.  I did have a bit of a hard time getting the wheels on as they needed to be screwed on without pre-drilled holes, so we left that part for when Dad got home.

The main draw to The Home Depot Sizzle and Smoke Grill is definitely the sizzling and smoking action, but the grill comes with a 15 piece Accessory Kit and lots of other extras that make it a cool toy even before you get it sizzling!

Step2 Grill FeaturesThe gas tank on the side is just a super cute add-on, as are the hooks, side tray, and the lower cabinet with doors.  I love that to move the grill, you tilt it to one side to roll it on the wheels, just like you would do a real grill!

But I know what you want to see – you want to see that smoke, right!?

Smoking Grill CollageThe grill “grates” are clearly marked with images to show where to place the water.  The grill comes with the small dropper [seen in the left photo] which holds a tiny bit of water.  It looks like such a small amount of water, but it’s enough to create lots of water vapor smoke.  Lots.  My girls turn it on multiple times a day and we’ve only filled it up 3 times in the past month!

Watch Grill Smoke

No matter how many times they see the grill smoke, they’re still amazed every time!

So, how does it work?

Well, it’s still quite a mystery to me.  But I will tell you that it requires 3 “AAA” batteries and that tiny bit of water.  This creates a water vapor when the middle burner is turned.  Not only do you get the vapor, but you see a red glow and hear a great crank up and sizzle sound – just like a real grill!

I know you want to see it for yourself, so have a look at Moreaya grilling indoors while Sophia was at school.

We plan to take the grill outdoors soon, but it’s still a little cold and they’re getting plenty of grilling practice inside for now!

The Home Depot Smoke and Sizzle Grill is a Toys R’ Us exclusive Step2 product.  You can purchase online at and have it shipped right to your doorstep or to your local store.

Be sure to connect with Step2 socially through Facebook, Twitter, and my favorites instagram and Pinterest.  You’ll also want to follow their YouTube channel to see even more product reviews of some of their new Spring products!

Review Grill Collage

Joni Mason

Wednesday 28th of November 2018

This is so cool! My CV grandson will love this. Now he can cook on the grill just like Daddy!


Friday 14th of March 2014

That's cool!

Julie Wood

Monday 10th of March 2014

What a great toy to get any child. I remember my daughter playing with her play kitchen and she loved it. This is a really nice Play Smoke grill that my nephew would love to have and play. I will have to tell my sister about this amazing toy.

The Funster

Thursday 6th of March 2014

Lindsey What a great toy! Also the assembly doesn't look to challenging either (LOL)! But my two daughters would love this! thank you for the post, really enjoyed reading it.

Lindsey Galvez

Thursday 6th of March 2014

Thank you! It's a BIG hit with both of my girls and their little friends when they come over to play!


Wednesday 5th of March 2014

What a neat new grill! My son would LOVE that smoke feature! Definitely handy in the summer time so those cute girls can help grill out too! LOVE it!