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5 Ways to Reuse K-Cups

Drinking a cup of coffee from a one cup brewer is convenient, but what about all those disposable pods? Here are 5 ways to reuse K-cups in your home.

Coffee is one of my life’s pleasures. There, I said it.

I enjoy sitting in a quiet house, or on a quiet front porch, before everyone else gets up to enjoy my thoughts and my cup of caffeine. I don’t think it’s just the taste, it’s the entire experience… calm, quiet… are you sensing a theme here?

Life is so chaotic for everyone that it’s good to enjoy a daily activity for yourself and my morning cup is mine. I also enjoy the convenience of a one cup coffeemaker, but hate the waste of those disposable K-cups!

That’s when I started thinking that there has to be some way I can reuse them instead of tossing them in the trash or the recycling bin. In fact, I came up with 5 fun and super simple ways to reuse K-cups and I can’t wait to share them with you!

When you start thinking about it, there’s all kinds of ways these handy sized little cups can be used around the house.


One of my favorite ways is to use them as molds for all sorts of things. A small dot of hot glue over the hole in the bottom of the cup is enough to keep your contents inside the cup. You can use them for freezing herbs, like I did here with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cilantro, and Garlic.

You can even use them for molds for DIY products like my favorite DIY Toilet Cleaner Tablets, when you don’t have other silicone molds.

I’ve even used them as a popsicle mold in a pinch when the girls were begging for a frozen treat!


A quick search of Pinterest turns up a ton of cute decorations you can make with Kcups. Check out this adorable DIY string of ghost lights from Far From Normal. So festive and fun and a perfect way to reuse the white disposable cups.

Seed Starters

Here’s one way to reuse Kcups where you won’t need to plug the hole at the bottom. The hole turns out to be a perfect drain hole for seed starters.


The small disposable cups are the perfect size for organizing small objects. My girls love to use them for art and craft supplies. I’ve also used them in the bathroom for cotton swabs and hair pins!


Friday 18th of May 2018

So much waste the kcups make, these are way better!~

Sue D

Wednesday 11th of April 2018

Thanks for all of these great ideas. We don't have Kcups but know many people that do and would give them to us.