Rafflecopter {thoughts cont.}

Although my first Rafflecopter giveaway hasn’t even ended yet, I definitely have opinions about the system.  Stick with me here, especially if you’re a Blogger and want to try Rafflecopter for yourself!

Here are my thoughts, using Rafflecopter VS. MY Google Forms {obviously it’s superior to Comment Entry systems}.


  • I love the ease of setting up the giveaways.  It’s super easy to decide what you want Readers to do for Entries, as well as entering links to complete them.  It’s much easier for me to do, rather than putting links above the form and re-creating a Google Form for every giveaway.
  • I love that I can Moderate the entries as they come in.  Although I can do this with Google Forms, it’s a bit easier to read and understand through Rafflecopter’s organization.
  • There’s no Math involved for me.  On my Google Form system, I added up the entries {manually}, to save my Readers time, as well as filled out what Entry #’s they owned.  It was a bit tedious BUT made it easier on you.  With Rafflecopter, each entry is assigned a number and the program will even pick a Winner through on it’s own!


  • I love my Viewable Spreadsheets with Google Forms.  Although not all Readers are taking advantage of it {being able to see if you’ve entered already, how many people HAVE entered the giveaway}, my Sponsors definitely are.  They love the information that I share with them and the fact that they can see reader’s opinions on their products and websites.
  • Someone stated that they feel like they get more Spam when they use Rafflecopter.  Unless Rafflecopter is selling your email address {which I do doubt}, no one else sees your Email Address, unless the Blogger shares it with someone {which I will never do}!
  • The size of the Rafflecopter program.  It takes up the majority of the blog post, which doesn’t really matter, but is sometimes a bit unsightly.
  • Number of Entries.  I want you all to follow me every single way, of course.  It ups SEBG’s numbers, which in turn gets better Blog Sponsors and better giveaways for you!  BUT… I don’t like giving a ton of entry options, because most of you prefer lower entry options.  BUT, with Rafflecopter, I have to have them all as options, or the form gets like a “bit too much work”.

My main goal from the moment I decided to host giveaways on SEBG was to make them as simple as possible so you can focus on the Sponsor and the fab product that I’m featuring, rather than jumping through hoops to enter.  As a giveaway enter-er myself, I know what a turn-off it is… for the Blog hosting AND the Sponsor, sometimes.  As of now, I plan to continue the Rafflecopter entry system and try to tweak what works best for me and for you all.  Please let me know if there is ever anything that you think would make the system work better for you!

  1. I'm doing my very first Rafflecopter right now and I'm pleased so far. I limited it to 4 options, only one mandatory and so far I feel its successful. I found your blog by googling "does rafflecopter pick winner" I probably should have checked first but I've seen it used so much, and was excited to try it. Thanks for the review...
  2. Of course, all that said, thanks for the wonderful feedback! It's great to hear pros and cons of Rafflecopter from an unbiased view. We can't make Rafflecopter better without your feedback! :)
  3. Hey Lindsey! We normally don't respond on other folks blogs, but we definitely do if the issue of 'spam' is brought up. We take spam issues VEEEEERRRRYYYY seriously to say the least! :) I wanted to let you know that we have a strict privacy policy. We never use any email addresses for any malicious purposes. We ask for email addresses so the blogger can contact you if you were to win a giveaway. The only party that would have access to your email address would be us (Rafflecopter is 2 full time and 1 part time employee) and the blogger who is running the giveaway that you entered. We've designed Rafflecopter so that when you enter a giveaway, your email address is only visible to those two parties mentioned above. We've had a lot of feedback from bloggers and entrants alike who are happy that they no longer have to leave their email address in the comments section where email addresses were visible for everyone to see, despite leaving an @ or not. We're trying to build Rafflecopter into a fun suite of contest and giveaway applications. Giving out email addresses of the folks who use Rafflecopter is something that would never cross our minds. An incident around spam emails these days would destroy any company's reputation. While we promise not to give out your email, we have every security measure in place so that no one can gain access to your email address. We run Rafflecopter with the highest integrity. I realize I responded eerily quick to your blog post, but we can understand how this would be a concern of yours and it's very important to us that we make sure you know our intentions are only good. I hope this helps explain us a little better! Let me know if you have any other questions for us - we'd be happy to answer them. You're the first person to mention Rafflecopter and spam, but I'll be monitoring to see if anyone else has the same concerns as you do. Feel free to email me at - happy to help wherever possible :) Happy Friday! - Greg
    1. Great to hear from you all! I forgot another Pro... customer service seems to be amazing! I stated that someone had told me that they were receiving more spam since using Rafflecopter, but I did state that I highly doubt that as a new application, you would stoop to that level and I, as a blogger, never would also! I've never liked the action of asking for an email address on a comment, which is why I used Google Forms before trying Rafflecopter. Thanks for your response!
  4. I'm not sure I'm doing all of the entries correctly. I shared on facebook and twitter and I'm not sure what you mean when you say, "Share your blog." Please help! I really need an invite!!!!
  5. It's been on my list of things to do to email you and ask why you moved away from your custom forms to rafflecopter. I'm planning on giving rafflecopter a try after my blog gets moved over (any day now!).
    1. I'm giving it a try, since it's the "new, hip" thing. There are obviously pros and cons to it, like I listed, but so far, I like it better... I'm going to use it for a few weeks and see how it goes. I would definitely give it a try! I can't WAIT to see your new site!!!

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