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Pumpkin Paintings with DIY Apple Stamps

Who knew you could make pumpkins out of apples?! That’s what we did with this apple stamp. Let your kids paint pumpkins for a fun Fall art project.


We are in full on all things pumpkin and Fall mode here at our house. I’m telling you, as soon as the pumpkin flavored foods start showing up on grocery shelves, I’m all about Fall! This week I got Moreaya in on the crafting and we made pumpkin paintings from DIY Apple Stamps.


Have you ever painted with DIY stamps? When I worked in childcare, we often made our own stamps out of potatoes and apples are another fun way for kids to get creative with painting. And painting is one craft that my girls will do any time they can get me to agree.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that they love to paint and be creative, but sometimes, it can get so messy!


Of course, when you’re painting apples orange and then your finger green, it’s bound to get messy! Thankfully I had plenty of wet wipes on hand!

If your little one is ready to get crafting, let them get to work with these Pumpkin Paintings!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Orange and Green Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper
  • Apple, cut in half. Reserve the other half for a quick after-craft snack!

Paint the inside half of the apple orange. Then, do a bit of finger painting with the green to make your pumpkin’s stem.

This is such a fun and relatively mess-free way for little ones to paint and get into the season of Fall!

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