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Printable Christmas Bingo for Preschoolers

Enjoy the Holidays and special time with your family while playing this super simple, fun, [and free] Printable Christmas Bingo for Preschoolers game!

I love every single thing about the Holiday season. I love the twinkling Christmas lights, the smell of Cinnamon and Evergreen, the need to bake every single goodie that I know how, and the special time I get to spend with my family.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of buying gifts and decorating, spending special time with our families should definitely be at the top of our Christmas To-Do List!

Since both of my girls are in school now, the Holiday breaks are even more special because they are in school all day! I always ask them what they want to do on their break… always thinking that they’ll request to go on a special outing, but just about every single time their response is… “We want to play with you, Mommy!”

It certainly warms this Mama’s heart, that’s for sure.

After 6 tea parties and 9 fights over whose Shopkins is whose, I tend to steer them towards board games. Our whole family loves playing games together and it seems to keep some of the arguing at bay [until Monopoly comes out, but that’s a whole different story – ha]!

The girls have recently found a love for playing Bingo thanks to a fun program at their school called Bingo for Books. It’s a super fun way to get parents and kids involved and when someone calls Bingo, they win a book to take home.

Since the girls have loved it so much, I decided it was time for an at-home Bingo game and what better way to play than with a fun Printable Bingo Christmas game!

Even our Elf on the Shelf likes to get in on the fun! This could also be a cute way to give your children the BINGO game – by letting your elf bring it to them one morning!

Looking for even more Elf on the Shelf ideas?

Check these out if you’re a Lazy Elf Mom like me!

It’s super fun and simple to play. Since there are no words, this makes a perfect bingo game for preschoolers, but it’s one that the whole family will love at Christmas time.

Click here for the FREE Christmas Bingo Printable.

You’ll notice that there are no calling cards with this printable – that’s because I simply cut up one of the boards to use as our “calling characters”.

And we make the game even more fun by using yummy and festive crackers or candy for our markers! It makes the game even more exciting when some of the yummy BINGO markers disappear!

I hope you and your family share special moments during the Holiday season this year, including special game time with this fun, family Printable Christmas Bingo game!

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