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Best Way to Fill Water Bottles for Back to School with Primo

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This post has been sponsored by Primo®. All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago, the girls and I did their back to school shopping. It’s quite fun for all of us and we love perusing the aisles and I love getting new office and school supplies… for them, of course! One item that’s always on their school lists is a water bottle. Now, I’ll be honest, we’re really struggling to find THE magical water bottle that doesn’t spill, doesn’t have a ton of little parts, and is super cute, but alas, we’re trying each brand until we do find THE one.

But one thing I’m not trying to find is a way to fill their water bottles anymore – that’s been covered with our new Primo water dispenser. The girls easily fill their water bottles up each morning and are out the door, ready for a day of learning.

Did you know that adding a water dispenser in your home results in families drinking 25% MORE water!? Talk about a great health advantage. And we all know the great effects water dispensers and reusable bottles have on the environment. On average, one 5-gallon bottle of refilled water will save 1,100 single use plastic bottles from landfills and oceans.

I have used a few different sources to ditch single-use water bottles in the past, but this one is by far my favorite of them all for a few reasons.

One is for the capacity. There’s nothing better than not having to refill the water container on a daily basis. We have the hTRIO Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with Single Serve Coffee  K-cup® Machine Built-In and it holds up to a 5-gallon Primo refillable bottle.

Another is for the ease of use. For one, this is unlike other water dispensers because it’s bottom loading – ah yes! No lifting a 5-gallon bottle high in the air! And the two temperature dispensing options make it easy for the girls to get cool water and for Mom to get hot water… more on that in a bit!

I also love the great tasting water… that’s really important, right?! Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process that includes reverse osmosis. This process removes or significantly reduces the presence of chlorine and chlorine by-products, bacteria and parasites, heavy metals (including lead and mercury), trace levels of pharmaceuticals and many more contaminants making it a much better option for my family than filling our water bottles with tap water.

And Primo water is convenient. You can exchange your empty bottle for a pre-filled one at a Primo location near you [find yours here]. Or better yet, and even better on your wallet, you can refill your Primo bottle at certain locations too!

We refill our bottle at our local Walmart and the process couldn’t be more simple [or affordable] and use the non-spill cap to cover it during transporting the bottle.

Sophia will be entering the 4th grade this year and Moreaya a big 2nd grader and I know just how important good nutrition and daily hydration is, especially during these important learning years. That’s why they always fill their water bottles with Primo water before they head out the door.

And while back to school season is always focused on our kiddos, us Moms know that this season brings lots of activities and extra work on our part too! That’s why I welcomed our Primo water dispenser by setting up a new coffee bar upstairs in our house.

Because if Mama’s not got her coffee in the morning, school mornings are not going to go so smoothly!

That’s right, my hTRIO Water Dispenser actually doubles as my coffeemaker too – making it the ultimate back to school supply! Because when it comes time for school to start, I simply add a basket to the coffee bar with the girls’ water bottles making it super convenient for them to fill up before heading downstairs to leave for school.

You’ll find a variety of Primo water dispensers available on their website, with some great, unique features on the different models. Even better, you can use code WATERGOALS25 to get 25% off dispenser, FREE fast shipping, AND a FREE coupon for a 5-gallon bottle of Primo water and another will be in the box when delivered – that’s 2 free 5-gallon bottles to get your family started drinking deliciously hydrating Primo water just in time for the start of the school year!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Primo.

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