Presenting Aluminyze: A New Kind of Art to Preserve Memories

Thanks to Aluminyze for sponsoring this conversation and for the portrait that helped facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

There are so many ways that families can choose to preserve family memories – printed pictures, digital frames, canvas prints, and one of the newest forms, to me, is on aluminum plates.

Aluminyze Portrait

Aluminyze is a totally unique and revolutionary form of artwork for your walls… or desk or phone or… well, the possibilities are almost endless!  I chose to have a picture printed from our recent family beach vacation to cherish the memory and have a more recent photograph of the girls in our home.

I ordered our print easily on the site.  I simply uploaded a picture from my iPhone [although they suggest you use higher quality images, I was pleasantly impressed with the quality of my plaque even after it had been blown up to the 11×17 size!], chose the size and style of plaque that I wanted, and chose my mounting for the back.

Back of Aluminyze Portrait

I chose the 3/4″ Wall Float so the picture would really look like it was floating on the wall – giving it even more depth.  The Wall Float looks like wood, but it’s a super light material that doesn’t scratch your walls at all.

Aluminyze Wall Hanging

You can see a little of the shadow from the “floating” in the above picture.  It’s really dramatic and looks even more fabulous in person.  I ordered my Aluminyze photograph on June 9th and it shipped the following day.  I thought that was pretty amazing, especially for the quality.

Aluminyze Collage

I love this piece of artwork in my home – it’s unique and, of course, lovely because of the subjects in the photograph too!

Aluminyze Beach Picture

As I mentioned above, the possibilities really are almost endless with Aluminyze.  Not only can you create photographs, like the one I did, in over 8 shapes [and a ton of different sizes], you can also create custom license plates, ornaments, letters, and phone smartphone cases!  My Father loves collecting antique car tags so I’m thinking of a great Birthday gift for him using Aluminyze!

Be sure to connect with Aluminyze on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  You’ll stay up to date with all their new products and sales!

What picture or memory would you preserve with Aluminyze?

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