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DIY Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sign

If you have a little Mouseketeer fan, you’re going to love this easy, DIY Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sign. Use it as a party decoration or turn any backyard play house into a clubhouse!

Make your own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sign

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I have been quite a busy Mama over the past week or two!  I’ve been planning, crafting, and shopping for Sophia’s 2nd Mickey Mouse Birthday Party… which has become a job {but quite a fun one} all on it’s own!

Last year we had a fun, 50’s and Rock ‘n’ Roll 1st Birthday theme, so when I  started thinking about themes for her 2nd Birthday Party, I immediately decided on a Dora Party. I started pinning away and was really getting into the theme until I was discussing the party ideas with my Mom and Sophia overheard.

She proclaimed, “I don’t want a Dora Party.  I want a Mickey party!”  I’ve told you all that this little lady knows what she wants… so, guess what kind of party she’s having!?  A Mickey-inspired party!

Paint Markers, Set of 5 Bright ColorsPaint Markers, Set of 5 Bright ColorsOnce themes changed, I still took to Pinterest for some ideas and then picked and chose what I liked and came up with my own color scheme and craft ideas!  I’ll be sharing lots of my DIY projects and Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Decorations with you as the next couple of weeks go by and today I’m going to share with you on of my first ones!

On our Mickey Party invitations, the instructions for the party let everyone know that the celebration will be held at Sophia’s Clubhouse! 

So, in order to set out Sophia’s Clubhouse from the other houses in our neighborhood… we decided to make a fun sign!

Let me show you just how easy it was to make this fun sign!

First, I decided to use paint markers to make the sign fun and colorful because it would have been a pain to try to use any other type of paint. I made my sweet hubby get involved with this project. 

I planned on simply painting on a plain piece of wood, but he had the idea to cut the sign into an arrow itself and made quite a fun wooden creation!

After having him sketch out the word “Clubhouse”, I went to painting!

The paint markers are really so easy to use. When you first start, you simply pump the tip a bit to get the paint to come down and then it flows very easily – but not fast at all. It’s really just like using any type of marker! 

It makes projects like this one super fast and easy because unlike traditional painting with a brush, it’s easy to stay right inside the lines.

Our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sign turned out so cute and exactly what I had in mind – simple, eye catching, and Mickey inspired!  It will be easy for all of our party attendee’s to find Sophia’s Clubhouse!

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It's a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Wednesday 11th of September 2013

[…] Mickey Mouse party is complete without a Clubhouse sign.  We DIY'ed this one with Paint Markers – super easy and it was a fun touch to show the little Mousketeers where the party […]

Beeb Ashcroft

Monday 14th of May 2012

Aww! What a fun party theme!

Susan l. M.

Tuesday 8th of May 2012

Yay, I can't wait to borrow some of your ideas for my daughter's birthday party this fall. Last year i used your recommendation for the birthday shirt and the "toy" wool dryer ball!! I am glad you are creative :)

Crunchy Beach Mama

Tuesday 8th of May 2012

I wanted this shop to test out paint markers! :)

They look great ~ and I love love your Mickey Mouse theme and sign and can't wait to see more :)

Mallery Schuplin

Monday 7th of May 2012

Mickey Mouse is a perfect theme!