Prefold Cloth Diapers are what you might think of as “your Grandma’s cloth diapers”.  These are the squares of white cloth that are made of many different layers, sewn together, and divided into three parts with more material {absorbency} in the middle.  I’m lumping “Flats” in with my Prefold category.  A Flat is a cloth diaper that is just one large piece of cloth that can be folded however you see fit, to get the most absorbency.Most prefolds do not come with closures, so you have to either use a Snappi, Diaper Pin, or you can simply lay them in a Diaper Cover. For them to be waterproof, they must have a Diaper Cover over top. Prefolds come in two colors: Bleached and Non-Bleached.


  • Very affordable, the cheapest way to cloth diaper a child.  It’s been said that you could use prefolds for the entire diapering process of one child and spend less than $250 – includes Prefolds and Diaper Covers.


My Favorite Prefolds:

  • Bummis – Website
  • Green Mountain Diapers {I’ve never tried them, but they’re wildly popular!} – Website

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