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Potty Training and Cloth Diapers

Some say that babies and toddlers that wear cloth diapers potty train faster. Some say it doesn’t matter. Today we’re going to look at the relationship and my experience with potty training and cloth diapers.

potty training with cloth diapers

If you’ve been reading the past few days, on Facebook or the blog, you’ll know that we’ve been attempting Potty Training. I wasn’t quite so “gung-ho” about the timing Sophia chose to start really trying to use the potty all of the time. Not only is it the Holidays and we’re busy running around, shopping and visiting family, I’m 37 weeks pregnant and her world is getting ready to be turned upside down, I’m sure.

So, we took the “training” pretty light and easy and she was actually quite successful for those first few days. 

I did let her run around diaper-less while we were at home all day, for about 3 days straight. On the 2nd and 3rd day she completely used the potty and didn’t have 1 wet diaper {other than at nap time}, but then Saturday came. We spent the day Christmas shopping and Sophia spent the day in diapers. 

When we got home that evening, we took her diaper off and she had 2 accidents that night.

Then, the next day, we let her wear her new big girl panties and she peed in all 3 of them. It’s not surprising to me, at all. I know that with Potty Training, as well as a lot of other behavior modification techniques, consistency and stability are the key. 

We’re just not able to do that right now and Sophia is so confused at when she can just let it go and when she needs to run to the potty.

So, if she asks to potty, I’m letting her, but we’re not going diaper-less constantly. My plan is to keep this up until Moreaya is at least 1-2 months old and our life has hopefully gotten back into a somewhat normal routine… I said hopefully!


But what I wanted to share with you all today is my thoughts on Potty Training and Cloth Diapers! I’m, of course, no expert as I haven’t even successfully done this yet, BUT I have a few ideas and thoughts and hopefully will get to hear yours too!

  • I’ve read numerous times that cloth diapered children potty train an average of 6 months faster. I have a couple of theories as to why, and one is definitely not that they feel wet. I think it’s quite the opposite with the modern cloth diaper. 
    Unless Sophia is completely soaked, she has no clue if she’s wet or not, when I ask her. The stay dry fleece inner in most of her diapers, truly does it’s job! Instead, I think it’s simply because ON AVERAGE {I’m not saying disposable-using Moms don’t pay attention… NOT AT ALL} cloth diapering Mamas are probably more likely to be SAHMs who have more time to devote to consistent Potty Training. 
    {We want to get rid of that extra laundry, but also secretly miss all that fluff!}
  • Trainers. I don’t know where I stand on trainers as we haven’t tried them at all yet. I just wonder exactly how much they’ll truly help. Part of me thinks that Sophia will simply treat the trainer as another diaper, but I guess I’ll just have to try and see!
  • One of my friends recently said that she puts a tiny prefold into a pair of big girl panties instead of using Trainers.  I think this might be a better way to go, simply because the prefold will hold the wetness and allow Sophia to feel it and feel more uncomfortable than a stay dry diaper or trainer.

So, it looks like I will definitely get my dream of having 2 in cloth… at least for a little while. I hope by backing off, I don’t discourage Sophia from using the potty, but I feel like this is the best decision for our growing, little family right now.

What are your thoughts about Potty Training and Cloth Diapers?

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