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Playroom Organization: 5 Ideas to Make Room for New Toys

Looking for ideas and tips on how to make room for new toys after Christmas or birthday celebrations? Check out these great playroom organization ideas and tips. This post may contain affiliate links.

Playroom Organization

We’re a few weeks into the New Year and if your house is anything like mine, it looks like a Toy Store has exploded in at least one room, if not a few of them.  Not only did the girls get totally spoiled at Christmas, but Moreaya’s Birthday Party was just a few days into 2013 so we added even more after that!

So, what do you do with all these toys?!  It’s time to tackle Playroom Organization!

Organized Play Room

Playroom Organization

1.  The first step in Playroom Organization is to cut down the supply.  It’s always a good idea to purge some of the older toys that your children don’t play with anymore.  We do this in a couple of ways:  Some I sell in a Children’s Consignment Sale {if they’re still in great quality} and others we pack up to donate to a local charity.

2.  Shelves and Totes are tremendous space savers and help the whole room look more organized.

Playroom Shelves

We picked up these small shelves from Walmart, but there are a number of 3-Shelf Bookcase options available at Amazon too.  I prefer to not be the highest of quality, an inexpensive and sturdy version that is the perfect size for the girls’ play room.  That way if they get scuffed or scratched, I don’t stress out.

Delta Children Jack & Jill Deluxe Toy Box with Book Rack, Pink/WhiteDelta Children Jack & Jill Deluxe Toy Box with Book Rack, Pink/WhiteOneSpace 50-612ES 6-Cube Organizer, EspressoOneSpace 50-612ES 6-Cube Organizer, EspressoToy Bin Organizer Kids Childrens Storage Box PlayroomToy Bin Organizer Kids Childrens Storage Box PlayroomKids Book Rack Storage Bookshelf - 2 Color ChoicesKids Book Rack Storage Bookshelf – 2 Color Choices

3.  One key to organization is getting your kids to understand putting their toys in a specific place when they’re done playing.  Storage bins and labels are perfect for this.  I found our storage bin at a local garage sale, but there are a ton of Toy Organizer and Storage Bins available.  Here’s an awesome tip though… label your bins!  It’s super easy and FREE and will help your children understand where toys go when it’s time to clean up!

Toy Bins

What You’ll Need:

Label Toy Bin Supplies

Children’s Catalog {I got mine from Lakeshore Learning}, Scissors, and Wide Tape

Go through your magazine and cut out toys that are similar to your child’s.  I cut out pictures of little people, animals, and transportation toys – to name a few.

Toy Bins Organized

Play Room Organized

You can do this on shelves, like I did with our Puzzles and even more!  What if you have toys that aren’t pictured in your magazine?  An easy alternative is to take a picture of your shelves with your camera, print them out and put the picture directly on your shelf!

Play Kitchen

Although my girls aren’t quite ready to read, it’s never too early to start with letter/word recognition as well.  Putting word labels with your pictures will help your children start to learn language, reading, and writing even when they don’t know they’re learning!

Organized Legos

4.  Rotate Toys, Special Boxes are a great way to keep your play room organized and toys to a minimum.  Plus, kids LOVE playing with new toys, so if you rotate certain items, they’ll always feel like they have new toys!

5.  It’s also a good idea to implement a Get One, Give One rules with toys {this can be done with clothing for both adults and children too}.  When your child gets a new toy, they give one away – whether they donate, give to a friend/sibling, or even put into a pile to consign, this keeps the amount of toys manageable.

Do you have any awesome tips or ideas for keeping Playrooms Organized?

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