Planet Wise Sport Bag

If you use cloth diapers, cloth Mama pads, or even re-usable snack/sandwich bags, I know you’ve heard of Planet Wise.  They are one of the leading manufacturers of wet bags.

It seems like recently Planet Wise has taken a few steps to offer green products, other than their cloth diapering accessories.  I haven’t had a chance to try their snack bags yet, but I’ve read rave reviews.  I would expect nothing less as I have a variety of Planet Wise products in my home… pail liners, wet bags, my hanging wet/dry bag, and now a new favorite… their new Sport Bag!

Let’s be honest.  When I got the “ok” to do a review for Planet Wise on SEBG, I was excited.  I couldn’t wait to pick out a product.  Since the Sport Bag is one of their newest items, they wanted to get the word out and I agreed, although I was really hoping to get a more CD-friendly product.  The Sport Bag is advertised to be a great accessory for cloth diapers, as well as great at the Pool, Beach, Camping, etc.

When I received the bag, in the absolutely cute and very SEBG‘y print of Lime Cocoa Bean, I immediately saw it as a Pool/Beach Bag.  The drawstring type backpack seemed perfect for an activity like that.  But, little did I know, this bag would come in super handy very soon after arriving on our doorstep!

While on our trip to Gatlinburg, TN last week, we “walked the streets” on a rainy Labor Day.  Normally I would be lugging around a diaper bag with the necessities which include: at least 2 diapers, wipe case, wetbag, change of clothes, bag of snacks, and a cup of juice.  Now, granted, I have a super cute diaper bag, but it does tend to weigh you down a bit when you’re walking with no stroller and often times carrying a toddler.  So, I decided to try out my new Sport Bag.

O.M.G. it’s wonderful.  I love, love, love this bag for short trips, especially when there’s no where to throw your bag down.  It’s super lightweight, but holds quite a bit of stuff.  This picture explains all of the great features of the Sport Bag.  It’s so much like the Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bags, because you can keep your wet diapers/clothes/etc. away from your clean, dry items.  It worked great as a wet bag for our diapers on this outing.  Although, I would love to see a zipper closure on the wetbag side.  I can imagine that if you have a really dirty diaper, things could get a bit stinky with only the one drawstring closure.

BUY IT:  You can purchase the Planet Wise Sport Bag on their website, or at a variety of retailers.  It retails for $24.99.

  1. Ooh I love that its machine washable and has a waterproof inner layer!! Perfect for our unpredictable Wisconsin weather :) Plus yay for being super cute!
  2. Sorry I was going to fast and missed putting my choice (butterflies) in the the first entry and my Facebook name (Jessica Lincoln) in the second entry. Hope that's ok :)
  3. The art deco design is absolutely creative as it gets with art :) too cute I would def buy this if I hopefully I win! Pick me cause I'm poor but wanna help our environment with cloth diapering :)
  4. The Owl!!!! OMG! I love love love it! I hope I win because I might just have to buy it if I don't. Its getting harder to explain all these packages that keep arriving at our door :)
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