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70 Outdoor Scavenger Hunts for Kids to Print Today

If you’re looking for outdoor scavenger hunts for kids, you can stop your search now. In this post, you’ll find over 70 outdoor scavenger hunts for kids that are FREE to print today!

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When the weather is nice and warm, there’s no reason to stay inside. Getting kids outside and active is so fun, especially when you have over 70 different versions of outdoor scavenger hunts!

My girls have loved a scavenger hunt since they were little. Before they could read, we were doing visual scavenger hunt printables. Sometimes I even just called out something for them to find when we were spending time outdoors.

One of their all time favorite outdoor scavenger hunts is our Backyard Scavenger Hunt. I created it when my oldest daughter, Sophia, was just starting to read. That’s why I paired the images with words.

Any of these outdoor scavenger hunts are are great for kids of all ages. Most in the list have both pictures and words and then some are geared towards specific ages. Be sure to read the descriptions to help you decide which scavenger hunts to print for your kids to play.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

I’ve also tried to group them together in categories. There are a lot of nature scavenger hunts and camping scavenger hunts, but they all offer kids something different so I wanted to include them all for you!

The list of items you’ll need to go on these outdoor scavenger hunts may differ a bit from each other, but usually all you need is:

  • FREE Scavenger Hunt Printable of your choice
  • Clipboard [or something hard for kiddos to write on]
  • Marker or Pencil

Since we’re solely focusing on outdoor scavenger hunts and activities in this post, you might also want to add in some fun optional supplies like: Kids Binoculars [found on Amazon] or a fun Outdoor Explorer Set.

The best part of this extensive list of outdoor scavenger hunts for kids is that they are all FREE to print! That means you can print and play outside today.

Some do require an email sign-up and I tried to indicate that in the list, if it’s required.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas + More


Saturday 15th of April 2023

Thank you so much for featuring my pirate scavenger hunt!